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Started by Wolkenkrabber, Jul 26, 2023, 19:16

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That surprised me, it was 30 year anniversary of in utero few months ago and he, dave and krist talked about making of that album (was it with conan? can't remember). 
He seemed fine, but looks are deceiving. 
Incidentally, I used to frequent one forum that steve used to posted on and was a witness to his huge homophobic rant.
I always liked his work, him as a person not so much. 
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

Quote from: sandelic on May 09, 2024, 11:44
...Incidentally, I used to frequent one forum that steve used to posted on and was a witness to his huge homophobic rant.
I always liked his work, him as a person not so much.

I got into Pixies before Nirvana, and by the time they came along I was a little reluctant to jump on the bandwagon - they just seemed like a less witty/fun version of Pixies. But In Utero was the album that won me over. It was many years later before I actually bought Nevermind, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, I have been mostly unaware of Albini's pronouncements or opinions. The first comments by him that I paid particular attention to were as recent as June of last year. An 18-tweet thread which made a lot of sense to me (and discusses backmasking which, these days is a benign part of dance/electronic music, although Albini probably wasn't a fan).

Certainly this thread spoke to me in relation to the anti-vxxers and their unproven alternatives.
"Just take Ivermectin + Vitamin D. That's the real Covid cure!"
"Proof? Hey prove me I'm wrong", they said.
So then actual scientists had to do research on Ivermectin and Vitamain D prove the anti-vaxxers wrong. The same anti-vaxxers who said Covid was caused by 5G phone masts, and that Bill Gates wanted to inject everybody with microchips. Jesus wept!

As for the homophobic stuff, I just googled "Steve Albini Homophobic"
And found this NME article

Sort of a two parter where Albini praises Insane Clown Posse for owning their shit:

Violent J: "I was that stupid. I didn't understand the offensiveness in that. I was legit that stupid [...]I honestly can't tell you what the fuck was happening in my brain."
He added: "We were also crazy homophobic back in the day. And now my daughter says, 'Dad why did you say this?' And I say, 'Because your dad was a fucking fool'."

And suggests Joe Rogan should similarly own his own shit

And the second part (with a link to an earlier article) is about Albini also "owning his own shit" and looking back on his "ignorance". Maybe he improved as a person as he got older? Mind you, the stuff about touting his friends child porn magazine in 1978 kinda broadsided me.

"And I'm responsible for accepting my role in the patriarchy, and in white supremacy, and in the subjugation and abuse of minorities of all kinds."

Françoise Hardy  :(

no idea, no idea

Shelley Duvall

Watch The Shining NOW if you haven't

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