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Started by Csar, Dec 16, 2022, 20:35

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Here's just a short overview of new features and stuff you can do.

  • Last posts: As you can see, there are now avatars next to each last post. And they're clickable links! Use your mouse or touch them on your display and they'll get you to the post.
  • Attachments: You can now insert attached files into your posts. First upload your file to the Chembase by either clicking the / or dragging your files onto the attachment button at the bottom of the editor. Then choose a spot in your post and click the upward arrow icon to the right of each of your uploaded files. A context menu opens where you can optionally set a specific width or height, or leave it blank, and then press "insert". That way your images etc. show up inline which makes them shine!
  • Alerts: You are now able to receive alerts for different events (e.g. likes, mentions, followed topics, replied messages etc.). You can customize the settings in your profile at the top or in Forum Profile > Notifications, as well as in any topic with the button "No Alerts or Emails" on the top or bottom right hand corner.
  • Mentions: Use the @ symbol followed by a user's name and the user will receive an alert about being mentioned somewhere in a post.
  • Drafts: You can now save drafts of your posts and PMs, just in case you want to write a super duper long Chems gig review. You'll find them in Profile at the top or in your Profile Info.
  • Bookmarks: We have installed a bookmark mod that allows you to, well, bookmark posts. There's an outlined star icon in the post option bar below each message. If selected, the star gets filled. Bookmarked messages can be found in your Profile at the top or in Profile Info.
  • Topic description (SEO): Threads can now be tagged with useful information for search engines and social media (search engine optimization). That way, they can be found easier and links shared on social media will include the text in their preview cards (like Facebook or Twitter).
  • Export event dates: You can now add event dates to your calendars on your mobile devices/ PCs so you don't miss any Chems gigs and other important stuff.
  • Theme toggle: For the moment, I've installed a mod that let's you switch between two themes. The default theme and another pre-specified one (unfortunately it only gives one option). But you can also choose a theme from your Look & Layout option in your profile if you like.
  • Quoting select content: You can now highlight certain parts of a post you want to quote and you'll automatically be given the option to just quote the selected part. This makes it more efficient and spares you the hassle to delete stuff you don't want to quote.
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