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Received an email from the chems store.

Started by Redout_Chemical, Jul 07, 2015, 12:29

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Dear Customer,

It's not long now until we send you the Triple LP inclusive of a limited hand numbered 12 x 12 print of 'Born In The Echoes' by The Chemical Brothers.

We wanted to let you know that there has been a very slight amend to the print itself and that due to the very intricate detail in the artwork image, the print will now be produced as a fine quality lithographic  print rather than a screen print. This ensures that we have the finest quality of print that displays the beautiful album artwork to the highest possible standard.

To be clear, there is no change to the size, quality, style or spec of paper we are using and the prints will of course it still come hand numbered. The only change is to the printing technique itself.

We think they look amazing and we can't wait for you to see them.

The Chemical Brothers Store

I'm OK with this personally.

If only lithographs took a week less than screen prints...

Seems like lithography is quite a delicate technique. I was wondering what this entails and it's pretty interesting.

So, instead of silk screening (a Kate Gibb favorite):

We're getting this:

I'm intrigued to say the least.
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That lithograph video was captivating. Thanks!

I kinda want a burger now too...

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