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Why do you think the Brothers have never remastered any of their albums?

Started by HavanaVegas, Jun 27, 2024, 12:53

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Seems quite strange to me how they've released anniversary editions for a couple of albums but never actually gone back to remaster any. Although their production is consistently excellent, I do think "Exit" and "Dig" could certainly benefit from a modern day touch up. What are your thoughts? 

I think Surrender was remastered for the Anniversary Edition?

Tbh I have absolutely no idea what remastering means and entails, everything from their very first album and onwards sounds excellent to me

In regards of remastering albums... "No" for me, or rather, I don't view it as necessary.

Exit Planet Dust might be the only dated sounding album in their discography, and still sounds perfectly fine.

Honestly, I already like what they have been doing by releasing alternate or "psychedelic" tracks for both the DYOH and Surrender anniversary releases. I hope they continue to do this for each of their albums along with releasing live sets like Lowlands Festival 1997.

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