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Best live visuals this tour ?

Started by Ben_j, Sep 17, 2015, 00:10

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What are the best live visuals of this tour ?

Hey Boy Hey Girl (talking head + green furniture)
0 (0%)
EML Ritual (rotor)
18 (58.1%)
Do it Again (dancing silouhettes + Ali Love)
0 (0%)
Go (rollerskaters)
7 (22.6%)
Swoon (running and falling silhouettes)
0 (0%)
Star Guitar (lines and patterns)
0 (0%)
Sometimes I Feel So Deserted (walking 3D man)
0 (0%)
Chemical Beats (oscilloscope shapes)
0 (0%)
Ouf of Control/Setting Sun (projections on faces)
0 (0%)
Saturate (exploding paint)
0 (0%)
I'll See You There (60s psychedelic theatre troup)
10 (32.3%)
Believe (flying in church schematics)
2 (6.5%)
Escape Velocity/Golden Path (light dots and silouhette, motion captured face)
1 (3.2%)
Under The Influence (ROBOTS !)
8 (25.8%)
Galvanize (dancing 3D silouhette)
3 (9.7%)
Block Rockin Beats (disco plate)
0 (0%)
The Private Psychedelic Reel (stained glasses)
3 (9.7%)
Bonus: Elektrobank (Monero on the phone)
1 (3.2%)

Total Members Voted: 31

Quote from: KNE on Oct 03, 2015, 16:48

I like the old chemical beats firework visual. The new visual is great not I think it would of gone better with sifsd just like the music video.

I do too! CB needs that visual back.

Btw, I too see to many stick figures as visual (DIA, galvanize, SIFSD, etc) doesn't bother but I'm sure  they'll get upgrades.

I want my new SG visual!
This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

Quote from: inchemwetrust on Oct 04, 2015, 20:47

I want my new SG visual!
I want the old bring back, these from 2002, based on Kate Gibb artwork.

Hi Kevin!

Full power

The transition from Out Of Control into Temptation into Star Guitar is one of the best they've ever done

And the energy from the Fuji Rock crowd

Priceless. Full win on so many levels
no idea, no idea

Love the lightshow and visuals during galvanize, simple but very effective.

I chose EML Ritual and Under The Influence (because Roborts with laser beams shooting from their eyes).

With that in mind, I will say that I wished the robots hung around a bit longer. For how grand they were, their appearance was too brief!

As we are waxing nostalgic, my favorite visuals were from when I saw them during Push The Button - the visuals during Hoops. The show was inside a giant tent at Coachella, outside, but sheltered just enough to feel intimate. The bird visuals bled from the front projection and swirled all around throughout the inside of the tent. It felt totally immersive and magical.
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

I wish I saw them during PTB, because ANIMAL TRACK
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that complete the best live show was in 2011/2012 with Dont Think Show! Excellent selection of all live tracks with continuing visualisation.

This year was good visuals for new track EML Rituals and I´ll see you there, but  I was disappointed from the selection of live tracks - some parts was chaotic :(

And where was your excellent MAGIC CIRCLE during show 2011? It was missing during live 2015 - why? It´s a pitty.

I hope that you will bring back :)

Ditched the  Magic Circle, got Laser Rave Robots instead. Sounds like a fair deal.

beep boop I am here to bring Acid synths to your face
beep boop I am also going to project lazers from my eyes
beep boop sometimes my legs might be missing due to tiny stages
beep boop Did I pass the Acid Test?
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Robots for the Stargate....i trade for it.
This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

Quote from: inchemwetrust on Oct 07, 2015, 20:07

Robots for the Stargate....i trade for it.

im sure we can have both!

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