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Started by WhiteNoise, Sep 26, 2015, 16:27

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I hope this isn't goodbye, WhiteNoise. But if it is, it was a great pleasure to hang the few times that we did. I'll never forget the once-in-lifetime opportunity in Chicago, and it only was possible because of you and your legendary contributions to this community.

You're a quality dude. I wish you the best.

Ignore if this was an over reaction by me. And in that case, welcome back!

Quote from: WhiteNoise on Jul 21, 2022, 19:12

I'm just not going to be involved in it; for personal reasons I'm not the fan I used to be. The enthusiasm's gone and though it feels absolutely bizarre to say for something that used to be my passion, I am better off leaving it all behind.

Woah, you've gone from being one of the most enthusiastic members of the forum to...not.
I think you popped up briefly to say positive things about the Haai remix of "Darkness" - which isn't that long ago. I wonder if you lost the bug before or after that.

I get that as you get older, some of the more "nerdy" knowlege about different live versions or variations of unreleased versions of tracks can feel a bit superfluous... But there's (probably) a new album in the pipeline! Who knows? You might like it.
It would be a shame to completely lose that Whitenoise positivity from the forum. I hope we'll still see you here from time to time. Even if it's just to discuss other acts or other subjects that raise their heads here.

I think it can be possible to "overdo" one's enthusiasm for something until it feels more like "a thing you know" insde out (like say a job) but which doesn't bring you spontaneous pleasure. But perhaps taking a step back whilst still listening to new Chems releases - just as "new music" might allow you to enjoy further Chemical releases without having to be an oracle on the subject.

I've been buying Chems music since '95, but undoubtedly you know more about some aspects of Chem Bros than I have ever known. At times your knowledge inspired an old fan like me. Like when you (correctly) explained the differences between the vinyl bootleg of Don't Fight Control  and the (probably real) MP3 leak - just as an example.

I lost my enthusuiasm for New Order for a while - a band I had listened to since forever. After Lost Sirens it looked like that was the end for NO and I got tired of listening to the old tunes. I think the unexpected release of Music Complete helped revive my fandom to some extent, and perhaps not nerding out (too much) over the old stuff allows me to just enjoy it as music when I feel like it.

Tl;DR? I agree with Bosco's sentiments.
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If only it was that simple...

Whitenoise, just know this: We all love you and we'll be happy whenever you feel like popping by. Try to hold on that inner flame that you feel defines who you are - whatever that flame turns out to be eventually. Don't let themassholes grind you down.
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Quote from: WhiteNoise on Jul 21, 2022, 19:12
I am better off leaving it all behind.

If you ever change your mind about leaving it all behind
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