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BBC 6 Music - A Chemical Christmas


Your Favorite Chemical Brothers Interview Moment

Tom getting on with a Lego build
7 (26.9%)
Beth Orton collab lost to the ages
6 (23.1%)
Tom Rowlands Dove mix
8 (30.8%)
"Enjoying" one's entourage during Block Rockin' Beats
0 (0%)
Writing a letter to Bob Dylan
2 (7.7%)
The mix had a great tempo!
3 (11.5%)
Total Members Voted: 18
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Hi and welcome!
That seems to be the case, yes. Maybe there's one lucky DJ out there where this thing's hiding behind a sofa or something.

I'd like a copy of it too because it's so great.

Thanks for the reply :) Yes well we live in hope Tom might release this one day...

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I'm listening to KLF's Chill Out album right now and there seem to be all the parts that are used in the Christmas special, even though the tracklist says Last Train to Trancentral. Did the Chems just edit the ones on Chill Out and stitch them together for their mix?

Pie-chart music. That's what I have for dessert.

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Doves have been guests on Radcliffe and Maconie's show on 6 Music the other day, but they haven't said a word about an official release of the Brothers remix
no idea, no idea


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