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Q & A with Tom Rowlands (2016)

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Greetings Chemical Brothers & Sisters!

As we get excited for the upcoming live dates with Tom and Ed, we are celebrating by bringing back an old favorite and taking questions from YOU. 

That’s right, Tom Rowlands will answer selected questions and we’ll post the answers both here and on our main website. 

Please post your question and it will be considered. 

Some tips:

* Please stick to questions vs. declarations.  You can declare elsewhere.
* Please try and check out previously posted questions as we proceed, so you don’t duplicate.
* Like those questions you’d like to see answered.
* Trolls of all kinds will be unceremoniously removed.
* Good manners and originality are a plus. We’ll post answers from Tom in the coming months....

That’s all for now - stay tuned for more live dates and other news from Chemical HQ.

Tom's Answers:,474.msg7904.html#msg7904

Yay ! I'll start :

How did not having Ed with you for most of the 2015 tour and for elaborating the live show impact how you built the show ? Any tracks or parts you included there that you wouldn't have played with Ed (or that he wouldn't let you play :P ) ?

@whitenoise: ask your chemical beats question so you aren't confused anymore


--- Quote from: ThePumisher on Feb 19, 2016, 20:48 ---@whitenoise: ask your chemical beats question so you aren't confused anymore

--- End quote ---
I have a feeling the answer is "We did it that way because we wanted to" :D

What can Tom tell us about the Trespass Against Us soundtrack and film?


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