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Q & A with Tom Rowlands (2016)

Started by WhiteNoise, Feb 19, 2016, 20:37

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How are you tom?

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Is Mr. Rowlands a little late on the As?
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Quote from: WhiteNoise on Mar 03, 2016, 05:22

Here are some of the questions which already have answers... (if your question is here it does not mean I did not send it anyway)

Thanks for answering my question, tbh the only one i really wanted Tom to look at was the one about a one-off festival with as many guest vocalists as possible.  If you can get them to answer that or whether they have ever thought about it, that would be amazeballs.
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I don't know if I'm too late to still submit a question but if it's still possible:
Hey Tom I was wondering if you could tell me which synthesizers you used to make the Track Swoon. It may have been asked before but I can't find anything about it and I have been wondering for some time now. Thanks in advanced.

Hello Tom! I hope you are doing well! I just had one question, I was wondering if The Chemical Brothers were planning on doing a Canadian tour in the near future? It's been nearly 15 years since you guys last came and I know for a fact that MANY People would love to see The Chemical Brothers live! Thanks yout biggest fan from Montreal Canada! ;D

I might send a few late submissions tonight.

And for the record "Are you guys ever going to play in Canada again" was included in the original list, due to it being the most asked question of all time. :) I really can't guarantee an answer on it.

The Chems have been doing festival sets more often because playing standalone headline shows, particularly ones in North America, just isn't as profitable, according to a 2007 interview. However you'd think ever since EDM became ridiculously popular this would have changed?

It's probably the robots. They've taken over and demand an expensive light show.
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Quote from: Drebbin on Mar 03, 2016, 20:55

I signed up to ask this one question: Is there any chance you will be releasing a copy of the version of GO you have been playing on your most recent set, particularly the one you played at The Montreux Jazz Festival -

We would all pay good, good money!
I know it's not really my place to answer, but considering how many mixes of this track are already out I'd be extremely surprised if this were to happen. Those of us with the Apple & Glasto live set recordings kinda have this already. I guess if someone were to chop up the "no crowd" Glasto recording then...that's all you need.

hi tom i don't know how to contact with you,i hope you read this comment.. i want to make a official remix for my favorite track ''ill see you there''..i send you the demo..i put it on soundcloud because i don't know how to send it to you..i live in greece and this gonna be my first remix ..i hope you like it..actually is a part of the remix .  ... please check it :D

No dates booked for during Glasto, are you playing Glasto 2016?

Hi, i'm from Russia. I was watching old USSR movies and found some interesting music from 1973 movie "Eta veselaya planeta" (What a funny planet) titles. I've cut it and uploaded to soundcloud: "What a funny planet" title music piece.. It's sounds like regards to CB from 70s. So my question to Tom: Do you like the sound of 70s synthesizers?
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So it's over?
no idea, no idea

Unstickied since no more questions are being taken... Stay tuned.
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I'd just like to shout out @Whitenoise & @Pumisher for two really cool questions... the one about Hot Acid Rhythm #2 (hah, nice).... and the ARIEL reunion. That's some deep brain digging there, guys. :)
@KngtRdr @SevenEyeCo @9GRecords

Just popping in to say this isn't dead - answers will be posted "hopefully soon".
Never for money, always for love.

are these questions being sent via The Pony Express?

Go figure, I finally thought of a question.  What is the best song on "Paul's Boutique?"  And b boy bouillabaisse  doesn't count because it is cheating. 

How soon is now?
What time is love?
Don't make me wait, don't make me wait...don't want this to evaporate (check the robot from 3.12 onwards)

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Hey guys... I think Tom might be around here somewhere...

Quote from: Enjoyed on Jun 03, 2016, 19:27

Hey guys... I think Tom might be around here somewhere...
Nope, one of active forum members is trying to fool us.
Hi Kevin!

Never for money, always for love.

Quote from: WhiteNoise on Jun 04, 2016, 01:13

What would the W stand for? Shouldn't that be an M for Mostyn?
(BTW it's just occurred to me that Thomas Owen Mostyn abbreviates to TOM)

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