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Just posted on Brotherhood, this is Dig Your Own Hole, Setting Sun, Chemical Beats, an interview about frying eggs off Ed's chest and Canada, and The Private Psychedelic Reel live from Glastonbury 1997!

I'm pretty sure this is the most footage I've ever seen from a show older than the full Woodstock set.

What else is out there?

EDIT: Some of the Das Spiegel / A Modern Midnight Conversation visuals can be seen in Dig Your Own Hole here! Geez!

Lol @ "We love Canada"

when was the last time they played there?


It's downright insulting!

I've given up on seeing them in my home and native land and decided just to travel to see them. Mind you I've been on about it for 11 years now...

that Setting Sun live recording...


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