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Can we believe it? The Avalanches...

Started by pnx, May 23, 2016, 21:36

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So we found out they canceled the tour "due to serious illness" 20 minutes after posted to social media when over halfway from Cincinnati to Chicago.  I spent the weekend really bummed about it and went on a bender Saturday that resulted in me being too wasted for Wrigleyville (seriously).  Totally gutted, but I just hope they're okay (they responded to Santigold's tweet about the hardships, stresses, etc. of touring right now and Robbie has talked about alcoholism and auto immune issues in an interview with NYT when We Will Always Love You came out).  I at least feel lucky I got to see them do a fucking banging dj set before Chems.

They've left Chicago high and dry twice now. We had a last second cancelation in 2017 at Pitchfork (their only Chicago date that year) and a reschedule and cancellation this year just hours before the show. I don't blame them obviously, but that's some bad juju.

Hope you got out and enjoyed the city, Born In Planet Dust.

that really sucks to go out of your way like that only to be disappointed, sorry Born.

that said... who had a chance to catch them at a live set this tour? I'm interested in hearing how it was for others.

I saw them at Portola and it was not what I expected. it wasn't billed as a DJ set, but I wonder if that's what I saw - I'm not sure what would distinguish that from a DJ set. and it just felt kinda like generic dance music to me.

I purposely passed on seeing them at Portola because I was seeing them in Minneapolis the following Friday. This was a long time coming for me to see them live. Missed out on anything of a tour for Since I Left You. Either they didn't come to my market or I missed it completely.

The live show was not what I expected either. There were certainly fans at the show that were way into it. I was about 75% feeling it and the rest I just let myself go and have a good time.

I don't think I would make an effort to see them live again. Either I had the wrong expectation or there was not enough variety in their set list to encompass all 3 albums. Actually, provably both.

Happy I got to see them though.

We got a literal "DJ set" at The 1stBank show. Some questioned if it was legit or pre-recored DJ set, but either way the selection was pretty good and chest-rattling loud.

From what I've gathered their live (DJ?) show they've been touring this year is pre-recored. They probably cant afford to tour with live vocalists/special guests to make it more of a "Live" setting like they did in 2017. Which I find understandable. 

I'm willing to support them though, even with pre-recored nonsense. They're really talented in studio and hanging with the right artists for collaborations. Not exactly an easy road for sample-based producers.

glad I'm not the only one. it could be our expectations, for sure. the wrong expectations can ruin an experience. and I get the expense part too, I don't expect them to bankrupt themselves to entertain me. I just remember hearing legendary stories of their live sets back in the day. things change over time though, including band members. (I re-visited some recordings of DJ sets from Dexter not long ago, and they are still cool as fuck.)

agreeing with both mesamm99 and bosco - glad I got to see them, would probably not go out of my way again, but happy to support them in continuing to do what they do. their studio work continues to hold up.

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