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Die Moby, Die!

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(that was the title of the old moby thread, wasn't it?)

Moby has released a new album, and it's for free!

Download "Long Ambients1: Calm. Sleep." here:

Good spot. The track below had some remixes released a few weeks ago, as well as the original last autumn. Didn't get much publicity though. I'd like more stuff like this please.

Incidentally there's a surprisingly good interview with Moby in last Saturday's Guardian newspaper (UK). To tie in with his sort-of autobiography "Porcelain".  Oh here it is. The printed version also had an extract from the book. Click the link at the top of the article to read an extract from the book. BTW I don't think New Order were on Top Of The Pops in '91 -they had nothing to promote at the time. Mixed Moby Memories methinks.

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me?

I gave that new album a quick listen. All the tracks sounded the same, they almost all had the same drum pattern, and "synthpunk" is not really my thing.

I do think that Moby lost it. There wasn't much good stuff after Play (except for the brilliant )


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