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Started by Ben_j, Jul 07, 2016, 12:36

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After giving their new album Woman a full listen (Thanks Ben_J):

Track 1 - Safe and Sound--I like it just as much as the first time I heard it. Pretty good, easy listen, could listen again.

Track 2 - Pleasure--Meh.

Track 3 - Alakazam!--This track is fucking good. I like it. Has a nice edgy intensity to it with a euphoric vibe.

Track 4 - Fire--Not bad. Forgettable... I didn't realize it was over, though I'm preoccupied with work right now.

Track 5 - Stop--I like this. Good vocals, lyrics aren't too cheesy, and I could have sex to it.

Track 6 - Chorus--This is a standout alongside Alakazam!. Very satisfying.

Track 7 - Randy--2nd or 3rd time listening to this track. I really love the middle breakdown, not so much the rest of the track.

Track 8 - Heavy Metal--Not bad. I'm not in love but I probably won't skip it in future listens.

Track 9 - Love S.O.S. - Of the "disco-esque" songs, this one was my favorite by far. I actually enjoyed the listen a lot, and it held my attention. Gentle vibe, very good track.

Track 10 - Close Call--Not bad, but an anticlimactic end to the album.

Overall impression: Pretty good. Loved a couple tracks in there, but for better and for worse, + will be their best album, looks like.

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Track 5 - Stop--I like this. Good vocals, lyrics aren't too cheesy, and I could have sex to it.

iguanapunk once had a topic about this - it was more about complete albums and not about single songs, but anyway...
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Ahhhh Iggy.

I miss seeing that Street Fighter avatar before reading a sassy post.

Oh, and if we are resurrecting that conversation... Feel Good by The Internet is my recommendation.

I saw him lurking on here last week. He was probably looking out for some good ramshank score recommendations.
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Alkazam would fit well on ABBA's The Visitors
Meow meow meow
Sound sound sound

That's a good album overall. I love how they go really far with each track, instead of simply doing a 3 minutes radio friendly pop track. It reminds me a bit of The Chems, with Go, Galvanize or Do It Again that have very developped album versions.
My favourite tracks on the album are Alakazam, Chorus, Heavy Metal, Randy and Safe & Sound.

Yeah. I wasn't sure at first. Alakazam!, Chorus, and Love SOS were instant favourites and thought that was it but then the rest of the album grew on me after given a few more listens. The only track I think is the odd one out actually is Randy. Its like its trying to sound like an old Justice track with the new sounds but doesn't quite glue with the rest of the well produced old disco-rock tracks.

Also Love SOS reminds me of this track (which they have played in their earlier mixes I don't mind listening too occasionally still):

...'cause I don't like whats going on in the world. I'm scared of that...

The first show of the tour happened in Mexico. And it looks pretty good !
I really like this new live version of Stress

And Genesis is even better than before, with that very loud kick

I've definitely been enjoying the clips I've been seeing.

Really want to see them this tour. I would *imagine* they'll come back around to the states for more shows outside of Coachella...

Not the best sound quality, but the Pleasure/Phantom mashup in the last part of the video works really well

Alakazam/Fire/Waters of Nazareth
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Alakazam, Waters of Nazareth, Phantom, Chorus, Audio Video Disco

That sure looks like a lot of fun!
If they add a tour date anywhere near I'll most likely go there!

Man, watched Justice lsst night (well, technically very early this morning at 2am) perform on the Coachella live stream and I frigging hope they put out another live album for this era like they usually do for each album... cuz I'm loving the new arrangements and mash ups of tracks, especially the Love SOS with Close Call arps. So good!

Well, their new show is amazing ! The live renditions of Chorus and Heavy Metal are pretty awesome

That looks f*ckin' fantabulous.


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The live version of Randy has made me like this song a bit more. Its amazing what a bit of cowbell and drawn out synth loops can do then just goes to a straight up short looped disco banger. This was part of the encore after they played the keys to Stop before walking back down to the main stage which was a nice touch:

I do wish they would calm down on the DANCE elements and remixes on there live shows. A little overkill but do really like this live era of Justice.
...'cause I don't like whats going on in the world. I'm scared of that...

I think it's awesome the way they mix things up and rip tracks apart and elements of songs are shared with others. Justice live are currently at the strongest they have ever been. Go back and listen to A Cross The Universe, then Access All Arenas, and now this set at AccorHotels. They have upped their live game with each tour. I pray this show or at least some show from this tour gets an official release like their other album tour eras. I'd pay for a proper audio recording of this show. I watched live broadcast, the energy was awesome. It's supposed to be streamable again soon.

They are playing in 2h here in cologne, but i can't go - too much to do...  :(
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