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seeing one of my local fave bands


--- Quote from: ThePumisher on Oct 14, 2021, 11:47 ---Pixey - Take On Me

--- End quote ---

Shirley Manson vibes out of this

1/3 of Noisia (Nik Roos) :

New Principleasure album II out today...

Kölsch keeps on doing it. Last Friday Pete Tong made Woohman his Esential New Tune. It's a nice chunk of acid but it's the second track on the 12" that has got under my skin after a couple of listens. Love the textures on this:

Kölsch - Speicherband

And here's a track he put out on a different label a couple of months ago:

Kölsch - Clear (Extended Version)

And finally here's a track he didn't put out on any label. Because it was 'released' as an NFT + dubplate only. I think this YT upload is a radio rip.

Kölsch - Infinite Traveller


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