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La Femme - Foutre le Bordel



Just gave Air's Dolby Atmos mix of "10 000hz Legend" a listen. What a wonderful album, and the Atmos mix gives it even more depth. I wish more bands would release this kind of stuff. Imagine a surround mix of Surrender or No Geography !

Yeah, I've been enjoying quite a few surround mixed albums, from Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode to Nick Cave and few discs of classical music.
While many are pretty amazing (there are sounds you simply cannot hear properly in stereo mix) some are terribly mixed, like Led Zeppelin II - Whole Lotta Love solo guitar is too quiet, for instance.
Nick Cave is also a mixed bag - some older albums are pretty great, but few have his vocals rerecorded, with various results.
He sings inno my arms instead of into my arms on Boatman's Call, for example.  :o
No, I'm not joking. 
Depeche Mode, on the other hand, is simply fantastic.
Would recommend to any DM fan.


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