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Started by ThePumisher, Jun 28, 2015, 07:58

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Polo & Pan - Dorothy

no idea, no idea

an excited 8 year old's 1st concert  chemical brothers leeds 2023

Quote from: rynostar on Feb 28, 2024, 07:07
Ha! Jungle is such a weird band to me. I like the albums. I get the videos are appealing with emphasis on choreography.  However, the live show was disappointing.

When seeing them here in Vancouver last year, half the crowd was dance heads reaching the middle ages (like myself) while the rest were just reaching their 20s. The band felt like a Top of the Pops act where the instruments were not plugged in. The visuals felt like 3D renders from late 2000s with no hint of the choreography from the videos. The decent songs had the dance heads going off while the young ones gossiped to their friends, ignored the show, and continually took selfies (within 10 feet of the stage). The kids only interacted on poppier tracks by filming half the song and doing the horrible no rhythm / act "sexy" dance with their friends in a circle (oblivious they are hitting everyone around them). Meanwhile the mid agers waited for an interesting track.

Mind you...take this with a grain of salt as this might just be my stance on Vancouver crowds... I really haven't been impressed since moving here.
Wow! Didn't know they weren't getting such a reception demographic wise. Their first 2 releases are too 'chill-on-a-sofa' for me. On 'Volcano', I hear 70's soulful vocal elemenets ,including alot more stand out tracks that even out the album. Lydia Kitto is uniquely voiced, ( I just learned that she was recently added to the band.) 

Hopefully the band can pick up some royalty free visuals that aren't dated, but will be on the lookout for them in the future.

This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

Isn't it exciting when you discover a new artist? Pete Tong plays his fair share of dross, but every now and then he introduces me to something I didn't know I was looking for.
In this case he gave us Mila Journée. She's from  São Paulo, and Tong gave her the final 30 minutes of his Friday night show to showcase a Hot Mix of her productions. You can listen here: BBC, or here: 1001 Tracklists, or here: Hear This At.
BTW does anyone know if it's easy to embed this Soundcloud rival on the forum? If not, don't worry. In the case of the 2nd and 3rd links, you need to jump to the final half hour of the show.

A couple of tracks from that mix:

Mila Journée - Insight
Anyone get EBW9 vibes from this (from 3 mins onwards), or just me?

Mila Journée - No Control
This one reminds me a bit of LFO's Freak circa 2:10

Robert Palmer - Johnny & Mary

no idea, no idea

Quote from: ThePumisher on Mar 30, 2024, 16:49
Robert Palmer - Johnny & Mary

Just learning now that Bryan Ferry's version of this song featured on Todd Terje's album 'It's Album Time' was a cover. Seems so obvious considering the tone of the song to the rest of the album...

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