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2015 - HARD Summer Music Festival

Started by inchemwetrust, Jun 29, 2015, 18:08

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Quote from: KngtRdr on Oct 07, 2015, 06:10


I'm alive!  I get so used to using Facebook and Twitter and IG etc .. I havent really logged in here in awhile.. my bad!

The show was amazing! I'm so sorry I didn't check this before and connect with everyone. Totally on me. I'm a terrible person. :)

Lemme catch up and get back into things..

Welcome back Knight!  Good to see you in these parts again.  All of us thought the show was devastating as well.
This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

I couldnt set foot at the county fair that was held at the fairplex, i wont see it the same anymore, just like the hollywood bowl, im sure you can hear believes' build up faintly resonate through the hollywood hills to this day. :'(

Quote from: androidgeoff on Oct 07, 2015, 15:13

Whirly, I want to talk about your comment about the water stations.

HARD Fest had incredible access to water.

North Coast and Pitchfork, in Chicago, had crappy water fountains that filled a bottle of water in like 2-3 minutes (probably more like 30 seconds). There was 1 or 2 stations TOTAL. Chicago needs to step up its water game. Cali has it on point.

Plentiful watering stations should be essential to any and all festivals, and hopefully festivals will take positive cues from each other and improve in coming years.
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