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Started by NiCk.Dj, Oct 30, 2016, 11:44

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yeah, this is gonna be interesting.

Got tickets for the Chicago show! Looks like tickets sold-out instantly everywhere.

Anybody do the Humanz listening party experience?

Album has leaked. 20 Tracks.

I don't love the album, but fantastic production.

There are a couple of tracks that I like on it that sound more like the classic "Gorillaz" sound (Andromeda, Sex Murder Party, Saturnz Barz). There are a couple of tracks that are too generic (Strobelite), and a couple that stray too far away from what I might expect the Gorillaz to sound like, and not in a good way (Carnival, Hallelujah Money).

The album is growing on me.

Ascension in particular. It has that Feel Good, Inc. vibe about it.

Although, I was watching The Big Short last night and Feel Good, Inc. came on during part of the film. That is an extraordinary track, and I think it clearly set a bar with me.

Still not a fan of Strobelite. Meh.

There's a lot of meh on the album for me.

Andromeda is still great (harmonies at 2:47 are absolutely the highlight of the album). And I like Saturnz Barz and We Got The Power a lot. Ascension is growing on me too. And I really enjoy Busted and Blue, without any guests crowding Damon doing his thing.

Glad I didn't chuck a whole lot of money at tickets and deluxe albums though. I'll stick to jamming out to Rock The House.


Yeah, I'm just not feeling much from this album. The good stuff is few and far between. At the moment, it's on the bottom of my Gorillaz album list. I think I like The Fall more.  I dunno, it just doesn't feel like Gorillaz to me. Their albums always felt like they had a flow to them. This feels more like a collection of tracks.

Through my first listen, and I thought my overall experience was better than Plastic Beach. It has no strong single, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Wish Ben Mendelssohn was used even more. Would have been awesome to utilize him in story telling mode like Dennis Hopper. And I'll say it again, check him out on Netflix's first season of 'Bloodline'. You won't regret it.

I think I've given the album a few good listens and I don't know that I really want to listen to it anymore.

I found myself wanting to skip through a *lot* of it the last time through, sadly.

At the end of the day it's nice to hear new music, and especially new music from the Gorillaz.

But also at the end of the day, Sick Boy's words echo in my mind...

Quote from: Bosco on Apr 28, 2017, 18:16

And I'll say it again, check him out on Netflix's first season of 'Bloodline'. You won't regret it.

Great show! Can't wait for the final season

I just want more of this.

Super-Duper Box Set on it's way...


Amazon US has a pre-sale price of $499.99, which seems really excessive.


The Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set of the new Gorillaz album 'Humanz' is presented across 14 individual pieces of different coloured 12" vinyl, packaged in individually art-worked sleeves. Each piece of vinyl features an album track, backed with an exclusive alternative version. The box also includes a 54-page, cloth-bound, foil-blocked, hardback book featuring exclusive Gorillaz artwork by Jamie Hewlett plus a download card, all housed in a bespoke 12" vinyl case.

I personally like the album, but this feels like R.A.M. all over again...

Got my tickets for their two shows in Paris in November! It is one of the few remaining "big" bands on my bucket list.

nice job. I get them in July!  :P

Join Telekom Electronic Beats and Gorillaz for Humanz Live on June 20th at 9:30pm CET direct from Cologne, Germany.



no idea, no idea

"We haven't played this track since 2001"
5/4 :o I hope they keep playing it during the rest of the tour
And some other tracks from the first album too hopefully

Looks like these videos got taken down :(

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