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Now Testing


Oh great

It's a Poll
8 (53.3%)
This is going to take a while
1 (6.7%)
nah I can style this easy
0 (0%)
I need to sleep
3 (20%)
I need to work faster
3 (20%)
Total Members Voted: 15
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The images appear to link to the most recent unread posts in that board.
100% glitch. I think I copied and pasted the wrong link when adding the logos, lol.  Will fix when I can.
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I've decided to make this a sticky, hope it's OK! This way since the forum is fresh - if anyone experiences something funky with their account or when posting, or has questions about functions/features, they can be relayed here.
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testing vimeo

no idea, no idea

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after the 50th post, you get an extra life bar!
This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.


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