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Please forgive me

Started by kingstonmassivesalektas, Feb 20, 2017, 11:32

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Hi, I like your music. I hope you dont sue me but I want to do a remix of one of your numbers. Is there a better place to talk about this?

Hey Kingston. Welcome to the forum!

As far a legality goes, doing an unofficial remix of The Chems is actually completely fine. As long as you're not making money from it (charging for downloads, advertising revenue etc.) then you shouldn't be under any risk of being sued. Just make sure you let us hear it when it's done!

Hey there,

This is a fan forum for The Chemical Brothers, not a direct link to the band. I'm an administrator of this forum. Like Enjoyed said, if you want to make a remix, go right ahead!

However, if you are trying to do an official remix with stems, for release, that's a complicated and professional process.

I can pass your info along to the right people, but I need to know you're serious first. Please send me an official bio (with headshot), samples of your previous work, and your plans for the remix (specific song, remix genre, other details) for review by me.

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Never for money, always for love.

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