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22 years on from Leftism...

THIS is happening.

Pretty tempted for the London show myself. Not so much for the CD. Seems they haven't found a way to top the first re-release with all those tasty alternate versions on the bonus disc. Worth a listen though.

Fine Time:
Thanks  for  the  heads up  Enjoyed ,  just  pre-ordered  the  CD ,  tempted  by  the  Birm. show.

I was hoping for a new album and new live tour. But I suppose this is pretty damn good. :)

Anyone else thinking of going to the London show?

I'm looking to not be Billy No-Mates at another Leftfield show...

(stating the obvious) This is awesome. But means nothing to me if they don't bring it to the States.

They were pretty great at Coahella in 2011 (even though I was burdened with desert lung). It was really short though...


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