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Started by Enjoyed, Feb 20, 2017, 15:16

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I'm hoping that this album will appear on the streaming services to some point.  I can't believe they would go to the effort of remixing and recording a new version of this fantastic album just for 1000 ears to listen, unless it is pile of poo (which I doubt it is!). Always a fan of a dub remix. The Adrian Sherwood remix of "Release the Pressure" is a fantastic example. But then anything from Mr Sherwood gets my seal of approval. I have often thought I would love to hear him remix the chems

Looking forward to seeing them live next week, I should have seen them last December but the show got postponed. Not seen them live since the rhythm and stealth days
In nature there are neither rewards nor punishment- there are consequences

Shout out to any of you who were at Steelyard last night. I really enjoyed the show, although the 90 mins, or so, shot by really quickly. 

Considering there were quite a few people outside the venue begging for spare tickets I felt privileged to be there. But I'm really puzzled by the choice to only play one show in London, especially considering Manchester gets two.

Anyway, awesome show. It was ace to see Earl Sixteen live on stage again too  ;D

Incredible night at the gig in Manchester night. What a cracking venue and an awesome crowd. So glad we opted for the 250 mile trek to Manchester over the London date. They have really delivered a belter of an album with "this is what we do". So good to see a band from back in the day so on top of their game. Thoroughly recommend anyone to catch this band at the moment, you will not be disappointed. Might have to go to another show on this tour. 
In nature there are neither rewards nor punishment- there are consequences

I saw a video with Cheshire Cat doing his signature freestyle over a dubby mix of Making A Difference that sounded so good. Wish Neil would pull a Rapture 16 and release it as a single mix.


^ No YouTube option in the "link to", but...

Rapture 16 (Effy Remix)*


*Oh I know Effy. I posted something she did with Mall Grab here in 2021.

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