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ID Track


Do you know this first Track ID please ?
It's a Chemical Brothers Track ?

Thank you


Found it:

4) The Party (club) Scene. This was where the Young Vic transformed into a nightclub, with cast members wearing sparkly outfits and performing some stylised disco dancing (picture here or HERE).  You may have heard this one before. How? Because, unless I’m very much mistaken, it’s “Here Come The Drums” (or whatever THIS track is called).  It took me a minute to recognise it, as it’s the first time I’ve heard the track without distortion. And it plays LOUD!  I guess you could describe it as Future Disco, complete with real drumming in places. At the time I thought: the human drumming has been recently added, but listening back to the youtube clip now, I can hear the drums at 0.30.  This was an edit of the track and it lasted perhaps two minutes or so, with a fade-down in the middle for some dialogue. I‘m tempted to ‘promote’ this (in my head) from B-side status to perhaps the AA side of a double-A sided 12”. This track wasn’t composed for LoG.

Can anyone of you identify the track in this wonderful video?


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