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2019/11/14: Germany, Frankfurt, Festspielhalle

Started by ThePumisher, Jun 21, 2019, 12:29

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anyone going? 67,50€ is not an easy announcement  :-\
no idea, no idea

Don't think so, I bought the tickets for 30th of November at O2 in London.
I'm really tempted anyway because I live in FFM but the price is ridiculous.
Also don't know how this place sounds, seems a damn dual use sports/events hall...
Do you know anything?

A friend told me the acoustics there a pretty terrible. Yeah, and ticket prices are pretty steep (again). Still on the fence whether to go or not.
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Thx for the info, I had the suspect the acoustics were bad.

The venue in Frankfurt is called "Festhalle".
Bought a ticket and it's "only" 65,50 Euros. ::)
I've been to the Festhalle a couple of times before and to my ears the sound was not too bad (but this depends on what you expect from such a big hall?). :music
Anyway, I am looking forward to the show in November...

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This feature of Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall was actually filmed at the Festhalle in Frankfurt on this very day 2 years ago (14-11-2019)!
The sound and the visuals were simply amazing...

what an excellent video that is
no idea, no idea

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