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A Hommage to Dolores

Started by i0ne, Jan 15, 2018, 18:24

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2018 has just begun, and it is already claiming its first icon.


Dolores from the Cranberries is no more. At the time of writing, no news on the cause.

Not a huge fan.. but she had such an amazing voice.
My favourite album of them will be "to the faithful departed"

The band was synonymous with the peak of MTV's success and 90's alternative radio. I'm not sure you could put a rock and roll radio staton on in the 90's without "Dreams", "Zombie" or "Linger" in the rotation.

I was scheduled to see them last year but they canceled their US tour because Dolores had back problems...

"Dreams" is such a beautiful song, and so widely covered.

I didn't know Faye Wong covered Cranberries, interesting choice for link

I still listen to Eyes on me on regular basis, my first encounter with 'Diva'

So sad about Dolores, we still don't know cause of death?

She was too young to go so soon...
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

::Tinfoil hat on::

We were meant to know the cause of death etc by April 3rd but the the judge/coroner ruled that nothing further would be released to the public.
And now suddenly it comes out in September.


At around the same time, the details of the Skripal poisoning story comes out. Which incidentally I think has some holes in it. Makes me wonder if something else is going on that Government(s) don't want us to know about. A "look over there" distraction technique. 

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

::Tinfoil hat off::

Very tinfoily, i think. Not that your notion about governments not wanting to get some things public is wrong per se (because history proved that to be true) but something like this? I assume it happended just because it's a very sensitive and private family matter. I don't believe this is a good topic to weave VTs around, imho.
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