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Started by WhiteNoise, Feb 04, 2018, 17:35

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Did 'All rights reversed (Fight the drabs mix)' ever get a physical release or did it stay an Apple music exclusive release?

Quote from: Joslyn on Dec 16, 2023, 16:08
Did 'All rights reversed (Fight the drabs mix)' ever get a physical release or did it stay an Apple music exclusive release?
The Fight The Drabs mix has been available on all streaming services and digital music stores for a while now as part of the Brotherhood deluxe edition. It's not exclusive to Apple Music.

huh. i somehow haven't actually listened to this before now. i like this a lot better than the album track..
Eight or over.

I ended up down the SOCAN rabbit hole after the post in the other thread. Going off @Enjoyed s' old list, this is what I found. We can update a few things.

140 SONG - 18 Sep 2003
Ryno: Shares credit with Hoops. Jules Alexander is the vocalist/lead guitar of the band The Association (Round Again sample).

FOUR BROTHERS - 10 Jul 2008 - Big list of composer/author credits that looks suspiciously like the names of the artists featured in track 1 of Brothers Gonna Work It Out.
Ryno: BGWIO was featured in the movie Four Brothers. Likely where this credit is associated with.

O C CUES - 16 Jan 2007
OC - 22 Jun 2007 - related to the one above for sure
Ryno: Has Bernard Sumner listed. Guessing OOC double ups.

ON THE HOUSE - 24 Jan 2002
Ryno: Likely from the BGWIO mix. Mislabel of This Ain't Chicago - Ride The Rhythm

SALMA - 07 Mar 2011 - 3 m 01s - Credits for Derrick Stewart, Renato Carusone & Nicola Salerno
Ryno: Derrick Stewart is Fatlip so this is an alternate listing for Salmon Dance. The interesting part is that Renato Carosone & Nicola Salerno are classic Italian songwriters. Unknown sample?

SCARECROW - 03 Jun 2003 - 3m 00s - David Lee Roth credit - the proposed collaboration from this article?
Ryno: ummmm.... 

I don't even want to know

with IMBD link.

SKINK - 06 Mar 2006 - 3m 00s - Tom only
Ryno: Performer name is Guillemots (Indie band circa 2004-2012).

SWIFT JUSTICE - 03 Jun 2003 3m 00s
Ryno: There was a 1996 tv show called Swift Justice. Could have used a EPD era track in an episode.
That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
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