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A ton of new Tom Rowlands/Chemical Brothers titles registered at SACEM

Started by Ben_j, Mar 09, 2018, 10:56

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The sleuths are back at work!

Quote from: Wolkenkrabber on Mar 30, 2024, 15:22
Don't forget 2017's Life Of Galileo at The Young Vic theatre which Joe and Tom collaborated on. I wonder if any of that music score might reappear here. After all, it is unreleased. I'll be keeping my ears 'peeled' for anything familiar (but I'd bet against Papal Disco). An 8 part series offers the potential for at least as much music as Hanna gave us, doesn't it? But perhaps less chance of a release. So someone clever is perhaps going to be trying to rip and isolate this score - I hope! PS snippets of that 'Galileo' audio are still available to listen to, playing underneath an interview with Joe and Tom on the BBC website here from around 20 mins.
Absolutely! The bits you get to listen to in those short YT promo clips for the play were so promising. I really would love to hear them in full one day.
Last year a friend of mine asked me to stitch together a mini "film" for her daughter's first day in school celebration party out of recorded video footage from her over the years. Coincidentally, while working on it, I came to think of Galileo at one time and looked for snippets on YT. After that I thought it would be cool to inconspicuously sneak some of it into my collage. I eventually ended up using the last part of this one for the outro:

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Dangit! You made me go back down the SOCAN (Canada) rabbit / repertoire hole again. The good news, they cleaned up the UI and it's more user friendly now sampled tracks are associated to each other via Work Number.

That said tried looking up something called "Wizard Rush" and it's associated with EBW 9. Alternate Title?

Edit: See that Ben_j already brought this up in 2017

That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
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