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Beth Orton & The Chemical Brothers - I never Asked To Be Your Mountain

Started by Ben_j, Jun 01, 2018, 08:46

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Here's what Beth said about it :


During the process of making my last record Kidsticks, I felt a liberation around how I made music & how I looked at the music of my past. With that same sprit of adventure I am taking a last look over my shoulder at what got lost along the way.

I started a little label and I'm calling it Lost Leaves. Today marks the first release of a handful of as yet unheard songs. I recorded a cover of Tim Buckley's "I Never Asked to be Your Mountain" with the Chemical Brothers.

We must have recorded it around the same time as I made Central Reservation; The Chemical brothers would have just released Dig Your Own Hole. Sometime in 1998 possibly.

I imagine the track got put to one side, slotted into that book that I told myself I'd read someday & never did and the track got forgotten. Found by chance last year but released with every intention I hope you enjoy this offering. Beth xxx
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Really cool. What surprises me is how close to the original it is, and how the original is honestly more intense and psychedelic than this cover is - you'd think the Chems would want to "outdo" Tim Buckley in the same way that Setting Sun "outdoes" Tomorrow Never Knows. Instead this has lots of sweet subtle things going on and more of a soaring feeling than a driving one. So I get why it wasn't released, but I feel like with more time put in, this could have been a huge hit. It's awesome they took on a cover like this.
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I Love Love Love this so so sooooo much! What a beautiful reveal after all this time! I love how warm this song is. It swirls like a gentle summer breeze. It's just so lovely!

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This is a really awesome track, and I love the story behind it that wrclaguna posted.

I really hope there is more collaborations with Beth in the future. She seemed to glow when their name was mentioned while I was getting her autograph.

Holy smokes.. just was listening some chems on spotify, and saw this gem listed as new.. my heart skipped a beat..

And wow what a wonderful track it is! wow..

How can one forget about something like this?

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Daamn, these drums are dope! Chems's influence is subtle but I kinda like the low-key approach to this. Beth's voice is just lovely and I second it they should do a track with her again after all these years!

Thanks for sharing, guys!

PS: Tom, Ed, could you both, too, have a quick look behind your sofas, books, cupboards or whatever else can be suspected of hiding lost tracks? Remember your gem Silver Drizzle?!
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