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I found out what the voice says in UTI 2015

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I can't remember where I saw someone talking about this, but I ended up finding out what that High pitch voice says at the beginning of Galvanize.

first I lowered the pitch which made the voice sound similar to Blondie (in which I thought for a second they ripped vocals from Heart of glass but I do not recall the following from the song) until it spoke.

when played normal it says "Give me the Bass." the voice sounds reversed due to them putting a reverb filter to it so I tried reversing it but coudn't understand a thing.

So yeah.

Heres the clip
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Interesting. I do hear that "give me the bass" part too (in my example at 3:03). But when I slow down the Munich video below, for instance, to 64% in vlc player with time-stretching turned off, I also get a word that sounds like "less" at min 3:13. Could there be two samples used?

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