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Meat Beat Manifesto Strange Song

Started by UnknownWeaponBattle, Nov 08, 2018, 18:06

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In the LP Suck Hard by Meat Beat Manifesto

The song B3 really exists? Because on Youtube is the LP but not this theme or is it a hidden theme?

Discogs is pretty strict on the information you are allowed to submit there. I would be very, very surprised if it didn't exist.

I'm afraid I don't have the record to test, but I am certain it's real. People probably haven't recorded it as they didn't think it was worthwhile. That's probably why it isn't on YouTube.
Could just be a skit type track with some MBM style weirdness.

It can be a possibility considering that Meat Beat Manifesto was never so popular, and there are many songs that are not and last as long as the theme "Wall To Wall" of the LP "Strap Down". There is little information on the subject and is not on any platform that I also find strange because many have the LP "Strap Down" It seems the case of "Guitar Tuned To D"

Although I have the theory that is the theme "Fear Version", According to the album "Armed Audio Warfare" says that "Fear Version" was a song that did not come out, that originally was going to be in "Suck Hard" on the CD platform. Capable is that theme but another shorter version since they take 20 seconds of differences. But I think I dismiss the theory because it says that the song was originally recorded in June 1988, after the LP. But the date is a lie because Jack Dangers always had problems with the design of his albums, For example: The album that I have is that of "Storm The Studio" On the CD says that "Strap Down" has 3 parts and in the disc has 2 parts ... Or in "Armed Audio Warfare" in which "Kick That Man" and "Kneel & Buzz" are swapped names.
In conclusion I think the theme is "Fear Version" as a hidden song, a demo or edit, because in "Armed Audio Warfare" are the 3 songs of "Suck Hard", then why could not that unknown song be?
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