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2019 No Geography Tour Expectations

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Obvious things first...

Free Yourself, Gotta Keep On and MAH stay, of course. I think we get AT LEAST Eve of Destruction if not another new one.

What makes room for it? No idea. Maybe shorter versions of other tracks?
I personally could survive if Saturate, Go, Believe or Chemical Beats were replaced (I know Chemical Beats is going nowhere) but if you touch my Star Guitar I'm gonna be mighty upset.

I'd like to see more little nods to other songs, perhaps in slightly more fleshed out forms? I've never had the pleasure of Got Glint? or Piku. Those would be a treat.
And heck if I wouldn't loose my shit hearing Galaxy Bounce or Come With Us (new opener please!).

What do we think?

I want EOD near the 2nd half of the set since the other 2 new tracks are in the first half.

Maybe it should replace Acid Children! Besides, that's where the visual is right now!

Im a begger so i'm gonna hold a cardboard banner at the Shrine show that says PLAY LOOPS! and then the other side says PLAY HOOPS! :))


--- Quote from: Enjoyed on Nov 29, 2018, 22:42 ---And heck if I wouldn't loose my shit hearing Galaxy Bounce or Come With Us (new opener please!).

--- End quote ---
CWU would be great, but not as an general opener - I see it more as an opener for the encore.

Other tracks I'd like to hear are Life Is Sweet or Music:Response

EBW7 was pretty long this tour (yeah buddy), I could see it being cut down a bit for Eve of Destruction, or a mashup with all of the different vocals.

I could see Free Yourself as the opener, or them going back to a tried+true one

The more new and different stuff the better basically. So you get more bang for your hard earned buck for the fans that have seen them every time.


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