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With like 5 different threads I can't keep track of, I'm trying to get a handle on who's going where!

Wife and I are planning for just the two LA dates right now. But we might go for Bill Graham as well (or in place of Shrine) if there's many forumites there too.

And maybe we should coordinate where we're sitting at Greek Theater? Anything closer than the C seats seem good.

I am planning on attending all 3 shows. I'm going to try and persuade my wife to join me for The Greek show but it will depend on whether we can find someone to watch the studio for the days she'd be gone.

I'm looking at A or B for The Greek. It will ultimately depend on price.
I will also be transport-less in California and would definitely be up for sharing some driving or something if that was a plan for anyone? I'd be looking to drive up to San Francisco instead of fly. Then fly out, back to P-town.

C is the farthest I would like to go out but A sounds about perfect! gonna hit up all three shows but will pay the most for the greek.

as for the SF show, I wanna drive too over there but would love to rideshare as well.

EDIT: i know everybody already has seating preferences but I dont mind getting together with the rest of you.

Im gonna see how funds are with regards to how many I purchase, as I am currently going solo (gf is possibly tied up with work during that time). Currently gonna buy 2 per show just in case an extra ends up being needed.

RE: Greek, might end up in the South or North Terraces, if the prices aren't bad and I can get ones close to the B section that still have good sight lines. Or B or A. All depends on the cost.


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