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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Appreciation thread

Started by Bosco, Jan 31, 2019, 21:12

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This is gonna get glossed over so quick with all the new Chemical Brothers news brewing, but I would feel awful not sharing this with you guys.

The song aint shit with out the music video, but christ they did it right!!!  :))

Also, this is a formal request for Tom and Ed to explore new stage setup like Stu's in the video.

Honestly after hearing LOL Creme/Kevin Godley 'Consequences' it some how seemed to fit perfectly hearing this song too. So great timing!
...'cause I don't like whats going on in the world. I'm scared of that...

One of the best shows I have ever seen was this band at The Metro in Chicago a few years back.  Place was electric.  Think Nonogon Infinity is a brilliant album.  Not everything is as good, but these guys put on one of the best live shows I've seen in a while from a "rock" band. 

This is a B-Side to Cyboogie. An interesting prog-rock track that mutates into a pretty great electronic instrumental. If this is any sample to an upcoming full length album, I'm pumped!

They just released a big batch of dates at big sized venues throughout North America this summer. Looks like we're in for a MEGA album from them this year.

Bosco and I going together to see them in August
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!


we gonna Cyboogie in the Chi-Boogie, on a Saturday night-boogie...




Gotta Keep On

Fishing for Fishies
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!


They are ringing my funny bone big time with these music videos. Funny lyrics too, in that Sammy the Salmon way.

I was anticipating more of an electric sound with the new album, but I admit we live a Cole Porter world when it comes to King Gizzard.

just a few more hours before Fishing for Fishies
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I love this new record.

The Boogie triumvirate is absolutely brilliant.  Album is primed for Summer!


what is a plane to a bird????

a shiny flying oliphaunt
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this just released:

i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 days until

infest the rats nest
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Refreshing this thread

I might do a big post in a month about this group to drum up some interest
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I've listened to most of their work, I'll be awaiting. You've certainly have become quite the devotee.

Even if you can't get into their music, their live shows are worth checking out for their amusing , meme-like, fanbase.

Preach on, brotha!

For now, here is a playlist for people who want to listen to what King Gizz is about:

Touches every album of theirs and then goes a little into their 2 live albums they released
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their 18th studio album, Butterfly 3000 might be their most fearless leap into the unknown yet; a suite of ten songs that all began life as arpeggiated loops composed on modular synthesisers, before being fashioned into addictive, optimistic and utterly seductive dream-pop by the six-piece. The album sounds simultaneously like nothing they've ever done before, and thoroughly, unmistakeably Gizz, down to its climactic neon psych-a-tronic flourish. This is undoubtedly the most accessible and jubilant album of their career.

sounds promising!

lol, 18th studio album

I recently walked passed there new store nearby. (Flightless Records) it moved from nearby in a little shoebox store with a coffee bar next door to this bigger storespace further down with a flash neon sign in the window now. Will have to check it out.
...'cause I don't like whats going on in the world. I'm scared of that...

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