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Started by Enjoyed, Feb 20, 2019, 17:22

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I don't remember a huge amount of discussion about these guys.

I got into them after watching an interview with Fred Deakin', of Lemon Jelly/Airside fame, where he went through a few of his favourite album covers. 'Dots and Loops' was on the list and though I recognised the name Stereolab, having heard a bunch of other artists, music blogs, etc., dropping the name, I had never heard any of the music. Fast forward a month or so and Christmas time is ramping up in Bath where I went to University. Right outside the Sainsbury's I used to get my food from, is an old train station with a mini market set up along one side. There's a guy there who sold used CDs and DVDs at super good prices. I'm talking never more than £5 and often less than £3. I always made a point to peruse the selection, and on this cold day in early December I spotted that infamous green, geometric cover. 'Dots and Loops' by Stereolab. Suffice it to say, I bought the album (along with KoC's 'Quiet Is The New Loud') and headed home to give it a spin in my computer's CD-ROM slot.
Immediately I understood why so many artists I had enjoyed had always mentioned these guys. They were like this magical bridge between genres I couldn't see the connection to before. Melodic, motorik, electronic, but entirely fluid, live and expressive. I fell in love instantly at seeked out as much of their music as I could find.

So. One of my all time favourite albums. A significantly influential band (to me, even without realising it, quite frankly!).
And, the real news here. Warp and Duophonic are reissuing 7 of their albums. Remasters featuring demos, alternate versions and unreleased tracks. AND. They are touring! Very excited. Just wanted to share.

And for anyone who hasn't heard them before...

And this is an interesting little intro to Dots and Loops.


Three and a half things I know about Stereolab:

1, and a half) Their drummer, Joe Dilworth had a song named after him by St Eteinne; Dilworth's Theme (and he took the cover shot for Foxbase Alpha).

2) French Disco is quite good.

3) Laetitia Sadier found herself in an awkward spot (and then tried to reverse out of it) after tweeting her support for Jordan Peterson about a year ago. I understand he's a bit of an alt right hero although I don't know the finer points of his philosphies.

I was lucky enough to see them twice here in Australia. So good live the concerts were in a smaller venue too which made it more special.
...'cause I don't like whats going on in the world. I'm scared of that...

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