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 I need a new obsession now that Game of Thrones's season is over but here is the thing, no other show comes close to the brilliance of GoT.

I started watching Zoo last week. It's terrible. But I love it. It's basically The Happening but with animals instead of plants.

True Detective is pretty great though. Season 2 is not as good as season 1 so far but it's got a great tone and an interesting way of developing the narrative.

True Detective season 1 is truly an awesome series. The pace is slower then most shows, but what a creepy masterpiece.

As for Movies... do yourself a favor and get out to Mad Max Fury Road if you haven't already and or, still can.

I know GoT is over... Now we have to wait another year and all that we have to tide us over is the random times the GoT theme song gets stuck in our heads!  :P

I loved True Detective. I'm on season 2. It has some huge shoes to fill following in the footsteps of season 1. A little convoluted and heavy paced but I'm hooked all over again.

I'm not one for reality television but there's this show called Naked and Afraid. I first heard about it over a year ago... We don't have cable TV and when my husband was in the hospital for a few days, id go visit with him and we'd channel surf and zone out watching tv (I mean, what else is there to do, lol) Anyway, saw an ad for Naked and Afraid and thought, "oh that looks so awkwardly hilarious! We have to see it!" It turns out it's freakin brutal.  They take a man and a woman (not related), dump them in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle or the Serengeti with a shoulder bag and one 'essential.' The nudity becomes secondary, you don't notice it until these poor fools are eaten alive by Mosquitos, or tearing  up the bottoms of their bare feet. Anyway, it's got a bit of a cheese factor and it's not Survivorman, but it's highly entertaining.

And I loved Mad Max a lot more than I expected. The Doof Warrior stole the show!

Some shows that i watched in the past years and which i really enjoyed:

* Misfits (only season one and two, season three onwards isn't that good)
* Breaking Bad
* Better Call Saul
* Game Of Thrones
* Lillyhammer
* Hellfjord
* The Wrong Mans
* Homeland (haven't seen season four yet)
* Top Of The Lake
* Shameless (the US-version, haven't seen anything from the UK original)
* Xanadu
* Sherlock
* Der Tatortreiniger (don't think this show is translated into any other language)


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