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Killing Eve

Looks like this show hit BBC America before it appeared on "proper" BBC. Which is weird.
I rarely get stuck into series where you need to see every episode. I generally prefer movies with a beginning and an end, or TV shows where you can watch free-standing episodes.
Anyway the first couple of episodes drew me in. Mostly due to the sense of mischief in the killer, "Villanelle". I've never watched Sandra Oh in anything before but she's also likable as Eve.

I must admit that as the series went on, I became equal parts engaged and frustrated. The books were adapted for screen by Phoebe Waller-Bridge who is probably best known as L3-37 in the Han Solo film. She also wrote and starred in Fleabag in 2016 which started off light but ended up somewhere a whole lot darker.

I suspect my frustration stemmed from
the lack of believability as the series progressed. It had dark comedy, but did it make me care enough? I think it became more difficult to root for either The British(& American) or the Russians as the series progressed, as they all seemed a bit too cosy with each other.

The soundtrack has some nice tunes from David Holmes' Unloved band/project, which gave the show some added stylishness.
Will I bother coming back for the second series? I'll probably watch the first episode in the hope that it will pull me in. And by the fifth one I'll be doubting myself again.


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