Where's XDUSTLP3 ?

Started by Ben_j, Apr 12, 2019, 14:53

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Seeing that No Geography is XDUSTLP11 but is only the 9th studio album, I asked myself which two records were labelled as XDUSTLP without being studio albums. My guess was Brothers gonna Work it Out and Singles 93-03, but only Singles has an XDUSTLP naming, and XDUSTLP3 just doesn't exist (BGWIT is XDUSTCD101).
So what happened to the XDUSTLP3 ?

Maybe because it wasn't released on LP, but was the third XDUST? They may have respectfully out aside its number and moved on. Like how I imagine some (very superstitious) people might skip 13 in their catalogue.

Recently I was wondering the same, exept with CDs. There's no XDUSTCD3
And Further doesn't have an XDUSTCD-Number

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