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Music to Work to

Started by Auricle, Apr 18, 2019, 15:13

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I like to work in my office to music, but lyrics and too much complexity are distracting. My go to genre is minimal house.

What keeps you in a flow state?

I'm currently loving this:

Ah, man, that transfixed me when I first heard / watched it.

real quick off the top of my head, some old school Underworld b-sides that also fit that vibe:

Never for money, always for love.

Thing In a Book is what I use to prove to people that 20 minute songs are worth the listen
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sneaker Pimps version is fucking gold, but not the IAMX. But my girlfriend does not like this version, but prefers the version of IAMX. This is our eternal dispute.

and of course, Star Guitar is very good for work to
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Hi Kevin!

Quote from: WhiteNoise on Apr 18, 2019, 15:18
Underworld - Thing in a Book

Some Underworld from me:

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Meow meow meow
Sound sound sound

I can pretty much work to any music as long as it's not too glitchy. It can be Air, or it can be heavy drum'n'bass, as long as I'm isolated from the rest of the open space it works.


Though if there are lyrics I'm pretty invested in (anything from my Sing Along playlist, for example) I can sometimes struggle to formulate a well written email.

I used to listen to a lot of classical music for working when I REALLY had to focus. And on the flipside, when I was doing homework in secondary school, I would almost always listen to The Prodigy, The Bees or Athlete.

Anything that gets me in the zone would work nowadays. And I guess I'd tend to lean more towards a full listening experience (a long album or mix) than a shuffled playlist of favourites.

Top Underworld cuts by the way team. Hats off.

I'm a janitor at a condo and no lies for the past 6 month I just listen to live 2007 bootlegs on a CD Player. before that It was a mixtape of Underworld, Prodigy, M/A/R/R/S and more.

(not the mix I own but may as well include)
"The music Gets Louder, The Lights swirl faster, the chap who freaks out hasn't passed the acid test... A surprising number of these youngsters don't even know who Timothy Leary is..."

I cannot work with music playing, if that work is not something like vacuum cleaning.
If it is a music I like, I'm too distracted. If I don't like it, it gets on my nerves and I'm distracted again.
I sometimes find driving and listening to music too distracting.
Also, I get this funny thing when some song pops into my head and won't leave for hours, sometimes even days. It can be anything, from snippet of song I've heard in passing somewhere to songs I know by heart.
It is usually a song I don't really like. I have no control over it.
It's massively distracting. At times I struggle to hear people talk if it plays in my head, let alone think.
Last time it was Somnus from FFXV soundtrack, week ago. I swear I had difficulties hearing people talking to me, her vocals were so loud, like she was right next to me.
I can imagine how it sounds to someone who has never experienced this kind of insanity.
I have but one friend that knows what I'm talking about. Does anyone here 'suffers' the same?
Did I say too much? :)

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I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

I wait tables and tend bar.  We use Pandora (ugh).  Rev. Horton Heat, Operation Ivy, Jimmy Cliff, Avalanches, Mr. Scruff, Queen Latifah, Incredible Bongo Band stations seem to go over well. 

I really enjoy Seven Fields of Aphelion for studying and working. Nice ambient piano and synth driven stuff from the synth player from Black Moth Super Rainbow

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