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T Shirt Ideas

Started by Redout_Chemical, May 03, 2019, 14:35

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So ive been having alot of fun recently dreaming about seeing the chems again after 17 years, and was listening to the essential mix the other day and had a funny thought.

I wonder if I can catch Tom & Eds attention with the following shirt lol, havent settled on a design yet though...just thought it was pretty funny.

Haha, clever! I like the first and third one the most.
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Ya I think it would be funny and cool cause only the hardcore fans would know the reference.

Im gonna try to be in the front too so hopefully Tom and Ed catch a glimpse and have a laugh.

T-Shirt 2 kinda misses the Clapham vibe!
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Whoa cool! I dig the third one a lot. Nice job!

Third one is pretty sweet  :)
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oh great idea
I like the third one

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