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New live show context without spoilers

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The Chemical Brothers are an electronic music act from England, who formed in the early 90s. They're credited for helping popularize the genre "big beat" and best known for their album Dig Your Own Hole, and singles Block Rockin Beats, Hey Boy Hey Girl, Star Guitar, Galvanize, and Go.

This live show is the first of their 2019 tour, 25 years since their first live shows and second "leg" of their No Geography tour. It is their first live show since the release of their ninth album No Geography, and new songs from the album are expected in the live show.

The first live show is in Mexico. The tour begins with two dates in Mexico, followed by a stint in California, then a four month tour through Europe, Russia, and the UK (including a brief detour back to North America featuring their first Canadian show since 2002). It concludes in October / November with a set of arena dates in Australia and the UK.

(KILLING ME browsing this place avoiding show spoilers!)
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(KILLING ME browsing this place avoiding show spoilers!)
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