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No Geography Live Review - 3 Evenings Of Destruction!

Started by inchemwetrust, Jun 02, 2019, 08:41

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(Note: Kind of hard to do a 3 show review, since all 3 shows very pretty much the same, except for some differences. In this case, by default, I mostly will refer to the Shrine show, but I will point out relevant differences (Example: Greek or SF show) in parentheses. As for the vids, they are a mix from all 3 shows where I saw fit for this review. Oh and spelling and grammar errors will get fixed. Thank you.)

"I cant believe I'm doing this!" I said to myself while holding 3 concert tickets to see the Chemical Brothers!

I sipped on some tea, starting walking around in circles in my living room, still thinking and planning every move for my destinations. My vacation was approved, The car was gassed up, my luggage and reservations were goood to go, but I was still fidgeting and was slightly nervous.

I called Whirls! I havent spoke to her in years since we last met at the Hard festival show, where the Chems were doing their BITE tour. After the call, I chugged the rest of my tea, felt more calm, laid in bed, and stared at the ceiling.

I was a nervous wreck! I was worried about the SF trip, making sure loose ends were tied, nervous about the meetup, where were going to eat, the anticipation to pick up Ryno, and Connor, who I was trying to get ahold of prior to the meetup was nowhere to be found.

I closed my eyes...

Next thing you know, I have 'Bango' blasting through my car speakers while sailing the freeway to 'Snatch' Ryno. I get there in good time, park the car, walk to the terminal where Ryno was located.

"Ok Ryno" I said. "where are you sir? I'm next to the Pinkberry"
"Stay where you are" Ryno confirmed. "I know where you are!"

We had a funny little mix up, but sure enough, I see Ryno running in slow motion, his hair vibrating and shaking with every step he took toward me. I ran too as my legs were breaking free the anxiety from meeting him and the rest of this tour. It was like poetry, but so much more. But back to reality!

We had a big bro hug and started walking/talking while heading to my car. We confirm with the rest of the party that Ryno was in good hands. Everyone else was at Madpooters hotel in L.A. I asked Ryno if he was hungry so we went and ate lunch and geeked out on everthing related to Chems, life, and the future. Great convo! We get to Rynes hotel to check him in, then we head to meet the rest of the group. We wait in the lobby for them.

This is were the fun and excitement begins:

Me and Ryne see Madpooter, Biff, Darkstar, Enjoyed, AndroidGeoff, White Noise and his wife Ms. White Noise, walk in the lobby. I gave a loud "WHATS UP"  then me and Ryne started passing out hugs, then moments later while Pooter takes us to his lavish pad, Whirls and Stash join us and now there's nothing but hugs, warm embraces, and great talk while the excitement in the air is at its peak! It was great to see familiar faces such a Dark, Android, etc, but also great to finally meet Enjoyed, Mr. and Ms. WN, and of course, still enjoying Ryno's compnany.

Side Notes: It was obvious we all got older this time around. Ex: I was starting to bald, while Pooter has a distingquished grey beard while Biff didnt age at all. That handsome devil! Anyway WN, on the other and is huge (not in a fat way) but he looks like linebacker material! He's a unit! Andoird and  Dark would be the second time I would meet them (BITE tour and Coach 2011 respectively) Ryno and Enjoyed (the breakfast cereal lover) being the first for me. And Whirls and Stash, the legends, were ready to see the Chems for I think the 20th time! We make plans to head out!

We split into cars for some grub nearby , then some stops at a bar and Starbucks to kill some time before the show. Great fellowship, sharing memories of past shows, and just getting to know each other (again). All the people you chatted with from the forum are here in flesh and blood, so in a sense, it kind of felt like you were next to a celebrity in some weird but cool way, and I was sharing the same space with the same people that were brought together by Tom and Ed's music.


(Shrine) - We get to the Shrine finally! Back to the very same place where I saw the Chemical Brothers for my very first show! (97) Were in the door, take last minutes pisses, then get to the stage. Black Madonna sets the mood! We get drinks, get back to the stage, pick a camping spot. BM DJ set is now finished. Mia and Stash are perched at the balcony while the rest of the group were next to each other. At the Shrine show, there were about 20 people in front of us so we had a great spot. TNK starts!

(Greek) - Before we get into our sets and get seperated, We had a meetup near the entrance and got some coffees. Our moods for were pretty much gamefaces. A little more chillax , maybe a tad tired but I think all of us were low-key with big smiles as were gonna hit show number 2.We walked inside the venue, and scooped out the crowd. Black Madonna still carrying the torch till the Chems come on. She gets off stage and we get into our seats. Most of the group were split into three smaller groups into their seats near the center of the venue, while I was on the right of the venue with at least 40 heads in front of me. I was seated next to one beautiful female who was seeing the the Chems for the first time in 10 years. She brought a lot of energy and I fed off of it. (details later) TNK starts!

(SF) - The SF show was tricky. The GA floors was packed liked rats when Black Madonna came on, but Enjoyed led the way to got us a great spot on by cutting thru the crowd like butter and we all followed him. About ten people were in front of us, so we had a closer view. TNK starts!


There's a flash of light on stage left as TNK fades out. Tom and Ed appear and the crowd is hyped up with clapping hands. Its so good to see Ed back again at the helm since is absence from the BITE tour. The visuals hit the screen, the polygon characters are running, lights are aimed, lasers are prepped. GO!!! Oh man! This was HUGE! The room was deafening when the first bar from the track smacked our ears. Definitely not the 'Hard' festival from 4 years ago. THIS CROWD WAS HUNGRY FOR CHEMS! The bass was chest pounding, the music was loud enough, and our group were already at bliss. Then the polygom characters takes a dive as the strobe hits us.

A pale face then appears onscreen! Free Yourself gets a roar from the crowd. And it sounds so much better live. The best part was it was transitioning to the next track by doing some breakbeat version of in FY which I never heard before, and while that was happeningI I think they added some new stuff to the current visual in which I haven't seen yet, with the toliet paper mummy, and a guy with his ass stuck into his chair. BUT THE NEXT THING I HEAR IS  'UNGHHHHHH!' which really blew me away and off guard (You can tell by listening to WN rip on 10:51 by hearing me say WHoooOOO! ) 


so since Chemical Beats is coming, I didnt anticipate this next transition...BUT HOLY SHIT! its these little things that go along way. I love the way it segued. I gave a loud 'Fuck Yeah' on the vid @ 1:11! 

The SF show was mayhem as well for the track.

Ok! Now we wisk away into the red woods! Masks with laughter appear on stage. I look around behind me and all the guys are at shock and disblief. I then hear I'm Mad as Hell' and I quickly turn my head back to the front and get greeted by the pale king. Next thing you know, EVERY FREAKING HAND WAS RAISED UP! "I AINT GOIN TAKE IT NO MORE" IS REPEATING AND GRINDING THRU THE SPEAKERS" It keeps going and going and going and going until...BOOM!The place is littrally exploded with yeahs and roars, and I lean slightly back due to the big-ass reception that MAH provided on that drop (YES...THAT DROP) (Edit: do we even use the word 'Drop' anymore?)

Ive never seen a new track debut at a show like that before....EVER! OH THE HORROR! Dancing continues..now theres a little breather in the track. Then that voice calls back to me again "IM MAD AS HELL....I AINT GOIN TAKE IT NO MORE!"

Oh no! Not again

The crowd is doing its best to hold back the orgasm, but the build up is too strong! Lights are blazing, Strobe is flickering, hands are in the air. The audience peaks again, then the pale clown releases another spell with pointed fingers toward the crowd AND BOOM..MORE CASAULTIES HIT THE ARENA FLOOR with explosive technoish goodness. Its insane now!

MAH eases down. We all felt so devastated. Kind of like the devastating feeling when you finish a chems gig when you leave the venue and go back home. Thats exactly how I felt. I then said the following sarcastically with a smirk. (WN Rip @20:30)

Me: : Alright! Lets go home bro!
Ryno: Alright! Lets go!

Then a snippet of believe crawls out  'I'm moving in between Can you feel me in between'

Are we getting Believe? Wait...NO! It's EML up to bat , and gets a great reception. MAH and EML make a nice little combo. The crowd has slightly settled, but this crowd, this new full operational L.A. Crowd, was thirst for more. EML hits the mery go round visual. I look at the stage and Tom and Ed are dancing and working it out! Tom and Ed being one with the crowd, and body language that conveyed a sense of renewed energy and affectious joy of playing live. We then hear a minute of transfered power from the dark and powerful creations, into the glimpses of togetherness and affections.


The next two songs are pretty much inseparable. The first instances of Swoon kicked in and Fern gives a big "WHooooooooo"! She was on my right side next to WN, and was already having the time of her life. I look a little further and see Pooter meditating with his eyes close and taking the moment in. Swoon...Its a love song! I admit the song is a bit on the cheesy side for me, but then again not some guilty pleasure, but it gives the baton of its message to another track soon enough that will carry into further heights.

I admit I got ansy for Swoon to finish......because...well...you know why :) So now im mentally in the zone and preparing for my favorite track of all time, . I look around to see if everybody is ready.  When the butterflies are flying up, the crowd is just literally stunned, on the WN rip, im saying out loud "'I'm ready I'm ready"! Now we wait for the Temptation build,and for some reason , we were just laughing. Not sure if a joke was told but maybe it was because when SG comes, theres more than just one emotion that revolves all around us, Its a bunch of things! Its the feeling of being the moment, being overjoyed, being in ecstacy, and being in complete fullness of the live show. Fern then says "I might be having fun"  That sentence completely resonates this moment (See Vid)

Here comes Star Guitar!

(Greek) The theater is buzzing, and the woman next to me is shrieking in delight and her hands are covering her mouth as if in shock. "OOo, you've got green eyes, oh, you've got blue eyes, you've got grey eyes" Is playing, then the strobes start pounding and the synth keys are raising and now its just complete riot when the final key is peaked and red and orange glows spears thru the stadium.

(SF) SG comes down slowly a little bit and then takes a break before it takes off again. Now at this particular moment, I go up to Madpooter and tell him "this is it, give it your all, put all your energy in this song, give it all you got!"

4..3..2..1..Star guitar is everywhere! I'm dancing my life away, not even caring if I was looked at. moments pass and now we get the second 'Green Eyes', more strobes, and now the 'classic paino' kicks in! The peeps behind me say an exuberant 'YEAHHHHHHHHH'! We then get out first breather of the show where everyting is at a standstill. My hands are raised! The lights and strobes gently rest and Ed comes out from the booth. We then chant the secret words as if we were all in church together. Eyes are now watery!

The end of SG beams out and Gravity Drops comes out of nowhere!

Nice little teaser thrown in there but I like the way the Chems are adding to these trasnitions so creatively and smoothly. I wasnt sure if the chems were gonna play the whole thing but it sounded awesome mixed in with the tailend of SG. I was now waiting for the 'must hear' track of the show.  I jokingly let out a "HARD BUSH" before GD was fading away.

Silly me! I had no water on me and was kind of looking for some, so I ask Pooter for a sip of his bottle! I was sweating like a pig, but now I was gonna sweat even more.

contined --->

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This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.


Oh Tom and Ed! Why do you tease the opening of the track for about a minute before the chorus kicks in? DunkDunk...Dunk...Dunk...Dunk...DunkDunkDunk...Dunk...Dunk...Dunk...Dunk!

I'm going nuts holding the camera as the first visual dancer is strutting her stuff. Finally the chorus kicks and the hair on my body is stiff and tingles are hitting me like frozen daggers .(The last time I felt like this was when KDB was playing ) Our whole group is clapping and singing the chorus as we and the entire crowd at the Shrine get ready for the big disco as soon as the bass drops.

POW! I put the camera away.  And now the mighty feet of flames are scorching the dance floor. I'm doing Riverdance, The Charleston, The Running Man, the whole works.  I look behind me while dancing and Android,WN, etc are going all out raving. It's like that feeling when you go clubbing and you go to the bar to get a drink! And once they play your favorite jam, you down your drink quick and run to the dance floor. THIS IS HOW IT FELT LIKE. HELL! THE CHEMS CAN PLAY THIS 10 IN A ROW AND ILL STILL BE DANCING! And easily one of my favorite parts of this entire meetup was to see your chemical brothers and sisters singing along with you. Confetti is flying,  strobes are blinding,  then those beautiful bells start ringing.

HBHG gets queued up with a "Hey Girl" vocal, Crowd screams in recognition! I kind of wanted chill this time because I was a little worn from GTKO, but I eased it down on the energy and kept dancing. The chants of 'Superstar DJ's' echo all around. But something was different from this set than the last show. They extended HBHG  (where it was suppose to end ) and then another buildup kicks in, or in some ways, a repeating of the intro.Its hard to explain but It's similar to what they do on 'Believe' but I LOOOOOOOOVED the new change and thought it was a great upgrade, especially with all the synced lasers shooting everywhere. The crowd embraced it! I could've sworn I thought I heard a little bit of H.I.A. in there.

EVE OF FUCKING DESTRUCTION HAS THE BEST VISUALS EVER! I was also blown away these new new characters! I scream a "Oh my god, this is fucking awesome" for good measure. Aurora is donning this sci-fi suit,and these weird mythical, rubber monster, or whatever you call them, were just filling the screen with Japanese characters. (still trying to get this translated) I think most of the crowd was watching this 'movie' while we were dancing. The crowd was then cheering when we see the female lady in glasses 'transform' into some Power Rangers uniform. I love the fight sequences, which go perfect with music. Another important moment (SF Show) was when me and WN were dancing and looking at each other and singing "GOTTA FIND A FRIEND, GOTTA FIND A FRIEND,GOTTA FIND A FRIEND, TO SPEND THE WEEKEND!" I'll never forget that feeling. Definitely one for the record books.

SATURATE was pretty dope! People were freaking out like they never saw a balloon before. Got some 'Dont Think' DVD vibes from it.

There's still a consistent momentum going forth. The 'alpha beta psychedelic funkin' sample comes in mixed with the end of Bango (another track slipped right in and on time!). The melody is stuck in the air and a slight pause halts the stage. "IF YOU EVER CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT LEAVING IT ALL BEHIND"  vocal kicks in with a magenta face on the screen. NG hits the air! I'm overwhelmed again for the tune and seeing Tom and Ed just go at it on stage.

(Greek) The woman who was next to me the whole show danced and jumped, We grooved out to the synthy 80's vibe and loved those slaps of audio euphoria! And then, she turned to me while I turned to her, as if by cue, looked at each other and said...

Me:No Geography
Her: ...Me (points finger at self)
Me: ...You (points finger at her)
Both of Us: ...and Me
Me: ...(points) Him , Her and Them Too
Both of Us: Ill Take You Along, Ill Take You  Along With Me

(I should've died right then and there but I was shook for such a moment in Chems history!)

Then bright white LED's pop up from beneath and behind T & E as NG plays out. WHEW! The ending echoes, the crowd cheers, and the bros embrace, while a spotlight is cast upon them. Tom and Ed step off stage for a small break and technical crew (Matt?) comes in and double checks their gear.

So I'm back huddling with the group, and were all talking  about the show so far. From WN's rip, I can hear some of us talking during the break..


Biff, Android, looked dry to the touch, while Enjoyed and Ryno looked drenched in their shirts. Tom and Ed come back on stage real quick!


The crowd looks like blueberries! EV starts up like a steam train or a roller coaster. Here comes the drop and now were going 1000 mph in space.

Golden Path vocals kick in. Robots are barely visible even though the fog rolls onto the stage. Then out of nowhere, HOOPS makes a comeback, GEORGE AND MILDRED come out to play, and then, GUOILT vocals appear ALL AT THE SAME TIME! JUST BRILLIANT TOM AND ED! BRILLIANT  I SAY!

Now what on freaking earth can be better than this...HOW ABOUT DYOH WITH NEW VISUALS, WITH UNDER THE INFLUENCE MIXED IN AS WELL. One again, the smallest level of details for the band to put these little nuggets of past songs into this set really make this show stand out much more form the others shows I been to.

Chems go chill on the next track and slowly introduce Wide Open. ("DON'T THINK....JUST LET IT FLOW" vocals kicked in for the SF show only)   The energy I feel is for some reason felt was so cooler, maybe the AC kicked in or something but I felt a rush of good vibes. And then it hits me! I FELT SUCH AN EXTREME RELAXATION! I get a K+D+B feeling as I take it all in. The ending to WO is beautifully haunting.. "ITSSSSS GEEEEEEETINNNNGGGGGG AWAYYYY FROOOOOOOMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Time to close it out! Good ol' Galvanize gets good crowd reception. STTS kicks in, C-H-E-M-I-C-A-L gets a barely audible sing along on 'BROTHERS' Crowd hysterically waits for BRB!

Tom and Ed leave off stage for for another break.


The first notes of In Glint made the squad sueal with glee while I gave a bizarre look at everyone. I admit that Glint wasn't really my cup of tea, but I followed along with everyone else's energy and just got situated with its deep melody. We then see onscreen 'HOLD TIGHT LOS ANGELES!' I go nuts finally and gave in to a track that finally won me over after all these years.

Then I hear "And the danger is so much greater when it comes to losin' you" on top of 'Glint', so then we get Catch Me I'm Falling. CMIF sounds much more better as a live version.

So here comes the last song of the show. I give some final yells and hollers and wait for the threshold of all songs to finally finish us. The last of our energy goes into this. Tom and Ed acknowledges the crowd with hands in the air. The staindglass visuals envelopes us. We wait....and wait ..then TPPR comes crashing on all of us. HANDS ARE UP, SCREAMING AND CHEERING GALORE! WOOHOO vocals are belting out thru the venue. lights, flashes, dancing, etc. And when all is said and done, Ed gets to the spatial controls while Tom climbs up to his desk with the Octave Kitten. Turns and twists of chunks of raw sound just splatters everywhere as the end of the show crawls to victory. But then all of a sudden,Tom drops the kitten, falls and hits the floor, and then it playing by itself!

What a way to end the show. Tom and Ed come out from the booth and thank the crowd to a loud ovation. 'Love is All' hits the screen and the duo slowly walk and wave to the crowd as they exit the stage. I'm now in shock! The forumites all hug each other, share our experiences during the show, and just big ass smiles everywhere. Glinted!

All three shows were devastating! When all was said and done, we regrouped and geeked out at all the new surprises,tracks that were played,etc . We met Mr K. and said he was glad we came out and said if we liked the show. All in all, the shows went beyond my expectations.

Shrine show - I had to leave after the show while everybody went back to Pooters hotel but I did tell everyone goodbyes and to be ready for show number 2.

Greek show - We got tore up when we left. Some of us had to leave early a little bit because we had to leave the next day for SF. When we left to our cars, vendors were attacking us with 10 dollar fresh-from-the-factory Chem shirts. WN was able to bargain his way for a shirt for half the price.

SF show - We (WN,Fern,Pooter,Biff,Android,Enjoyed,Ryno, and I walked a couple of blocks to Smugglers Cove. A bar that sort of resembled Tommy Bahama and Pirates of the Caribbean all rolled up into one without the skeletons, and I 'Enjoyed' it there....GET IT! I was sort of 50/50 on going to SC, but the adrenaline kicked in once more, and I'm glad I went. Had a drink and a blast with the Chems crew! Finally before I left, I got great words of wisdom and encouragement from Fern and Pooter.


1) Ed is back

2)The new visuals! Lordy! EVE takes the award for best looking, and for the best action sequences, but all of the new visuals matched up great with their musical counterparts. Oh and MAH gets the award for best energy!

3) New transitions from one track to another (Example: SG to GD to EVE, EBW6 to GUOILT to DYOH) are icing the cake. The trans from FY to CB was much improved!

4)New tracks work well with older tracks. Even though sacrifices were made to  cut tracks from previous setlists, I found it unnoticable when enjoying the show.

5)Great crowds! L.A. really embraced the band. The crowd was loud and crazy. Totally the opposite from the BITE tour.

6) Meeting new people! I met three new fans along the way. One of them being a diehard from from a FB page (with a nice Chems tat on his arm) and two from the Greek show, As I mentioned before, she was loco for the Chems. I fed off her energy and we also exchanged lyrics or sing alongs with each other during SG, NG, GTKO,etc. Such a beautiful thing.


1) I wish the robots stayed longer! :( I have a theory that the Chems are charged by the minute to hang those robots .

2) Merch! Dark colored shirts with white text on top. The usual! Cmon Bros! Give us those EVE shirts.


All in all, I would definitely pay more $$$ to see these shows. I think the Chems overdid it in the visual and performance department. Choosing tracks for the shows, including those from the new album, is really tough to please everyone, but I think the effort paid off and the Chems deserve much more recognition after all these tours they've done. The setlist is pristine and its stages of music throughout the whole set touched an atmosphere of human feelings,  from Star Guitar to MAH to Wide open to The Reel! These 3 shows were one in a billion, and I'm  lucky to be born in a place of diversity, but more importantly, to love a band that displays these same diverse qualities in their music.


Thanks to Errol for transplanting the Chemical Brothers in California for the 1,000 time, and all that you do for this band since the Astralwerks era.

Thanks to Adam and Marcus for bringing the best of your imagination to the big screen that is so vital to translate the music from the band into daring,intense, and incredible visuals that are wonderous in every way.

To Tom and Ed! Once again, I am always in awe of what you do for all this time. No words cannot express how much you guys mean to me after all these years through your music and shows. The people that you touch through your music gives them a moment to break away from the stresses of life and be swept in a positive way by giving us memories from your shows and keeping them in our hearts and minds. Thank you for all your sacrifices you made to keep the band together since the very beginning. Its been an incredible run for you guys as you still are going the distance for your fans. I'm proud of you for making this all happen for us.

LASTLY, EVERY FORUM MEMBER I HAVE MET THROUGHOUT THE YEARS AT EVERY CHEMICAL BROTHERS SHOW I WENT TO, I SINCERELY LOVE YOU ALL AND CHERISH EVERY MOMENT, EVERY TALK, EVERY LAUGH, AND EVERY TIME WE SCREAMED FOR THIS BAND! Doing three shows can be nerve-racking, but it brought out the best fans in us. Let us continue to carry the forum torch! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for giving me your unconditional friendship to a complete chemical nerd like me!

All 3 shows: Shrine Expo Hall, Greek Theater, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium - Perfect 11/10!


Off to SF

Enjoyed and Androidgeoff

Ryno and Connor

parting shot
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This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.


Off to SF

Are you driving a tank?
Because you could make a No Geography cover from that.
Can you imagine ..... an extra-terrestrial disc jockey? Like, listening to radio waves from space? It was unbelievable!

Quote from: inchemwetrust on Jun 02, 2019, 08:43

Ryno and Connor:

and Mamasuper (between both of us)
"The music Gets Louder, The Lights swirl faster, the chap who freaks out hasn't passed the acid test... A surprising number of these youngsters don't even know who Timothy Leary is..."

Ooh yeah, I'll have a proper read tonight, excited! The pics and clips are already delicous tidbits. So cool you even captured a short clip of the gang! They're real people, oh my gawd!
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The 18 year old Starbucks Baristas are looking at me funny right now cause I am smiling so much from this post.

Kosek, Mrs. Whitenoise did a creative FB Messenger edit to resemble the NG cover...I'll post it once my freakin PHOTOS UPDATES!??!?!?! (My computer is weird right now).

Csar, I'm real??? Sweet! Now I having problems trying to figure out if I'm the original or the doppleganger.
That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
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this is a really nice read, thanks for sharing =]
Eight or over.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me I'm so god damn happy all over again.

Thank you *so* much for posting this, the videos... for putting yourself into this energy, this music, these connections. Dude--you fucking rock.

Awesome fucking thread.

Thank you so much Inchemwetrust for detailing as much as possible. I mean it when I say, I really appreciate you guys  putting effort in writing as much as you can and creating so much imagery for those who weren't there.

So freakin' happy everything went so well for you and the group.

The last clip is an absolutely beautiful thing. You capture the after-show glow in perfect harmony with Terry Riley's "A Rainbow in Curved Air".  That's 30 seconds of magic that only this forum could fully understand.

Also, the candid picture of Ryno and Connor in the foreground gives me Surrender (album cover) style artwork vibe. Ryno's self-embrace (probably non-intentional) gives off such a strong aura that probably caused the picture to go out of focus.

Awesome fucking stuff. I think it goes without saying we all wish we could a been a part of this with you guys.

Now, and more importantly, where do I go to see pictures of this Greek Theatre babe?  ;D :P

Wow, what a truly beautiful read, my friend! Thank you for taking the time to recount in so much detail how everything sounded and felt. And thank you for taking me (and us all!) along in your experience. What a week/weekend that was!!! So proud of all you have mentioned, and of you too <insert No Geography quote here> ! 😊
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