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Started by dongtuuyenblackpeony, Jun 12, 2019, 03:11

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Just posting something seeing as I haven't been for aaaages

At bluedot last it was a nice surprise to hear temptation in their set. Which wasn't a total shock and obvs I've heard it a few times but I dont remember them ever using the actual vocal samples before. Maybe I'm being thick but I've only heard an instrumental before going into Star Guitar

It sounded phenomenal last night.

Couple of new tracks and couple if variations on arrangements I hadn't heard before

Hey there DTBP. So glad you had a good time at the show last night!

I'm a little back and forth on the vocals myself. A little extra New Order never hurt, and the build up with the pitch changing vocals is super cool. But the first breakdown in Star Guitar, where those live only synths are usually first heard, is such a magical moment for me, that I'm always a little heart broken when the vocals come back instead. That synth line is there, but it's buried, and doesn't hit like it used to.

It's definitely overall a much cleaner and more delicious Temptation/Star Guitar experience this tour around -  compared to last year and when they first started playing out the Temptation vocals!

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I remember having this happen to one of my posts and I was all like...

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I remember having this happen to one of my posts
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