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Glasto to Eden...back to Glasto

Started by LusciousLucy, Jun 21, 2019, 13:01

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Hi there Boys and Girls

I may have been a member on here years ago, returned...

I'm doing something a bit extreme concerning seeing Tom and Ed but it will be totally worth it. If anyone else is in the same boat please holler.

With this tour being up there as one of the best in years (I'm watching/listening to the recent YouTube concerts onto 5 times a day whilst preparing for Glasto), and with Friday line up at Glasto being particularly pants, I am leaving site at 5.30 by car to hoon it down the M5 to go to the Eden show. Once in a lifetime chance and hey...get to see Tom and Ed twice in 24 hours...what more can a girl ask for?!

But...if there are any other total nutty Chems fans who might be doing the same, please jump in and join me. Plan is to be back under Pangea for Charlotte de Witte by 2am! My car is at a car park I can go right back to my space in not far from Gate D but offsite.

I've always wanted to see the festival from outside whilst it's on too! Returning blissfully happy from Eden with another show a few hours later.. JOY!!!

Cheers and bye folks xxx

Sounds like a fantastic adventure!

I may have joined you if I were there! Though, it's pretty difficult to leave the Glastonbury Magic for any reason other than needing a shower at the end of 5 days of partying!

LuciousLucy, I remember you! Didn't you have a Fabric (or was it Turnmills?) Chemical Brothers gig sendoff for your friend all those years ago?

Your latest adventure sounds so fun! I hope others may be able to join you! ❤️
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

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