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Technical question about streaming at home...

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Maybe one or some of you can help me

I'm having an "old" Raspberry 3B running Kodi, or more accurate Xbian, to stream movies and shows and stuff like that from my NAS via WiFi. As for the moment this works really good, but i just stream full-hd (1080) or smaller material. Now that i have switched my TV to an 4K one, and the Raspberry Foundation released the new Pie 4 (which is capable of playing 4k-material), i'm thinking about switching to this new one. They are cheap, even if i had to buy the complete gear new (case, power supply and so on) it's under 100 bucks.
The question is, how much RAM do need to stream 4k-material?
They released the Pie 4 in three types: 1GB RAM, 2GB and 4GB. Do i really need the 4GB-model? Or am i fine with 2 or even 1GB? Thing is that the 4GB is about 20 money more expensive compare to the 1GB one, and for 20€/$ you can buy the case and the power supply so i would safe some money.
I knew i could just install the Kodi-app on my Xbox One X, but i don't want to run the Xbox everytime to watch a movie or an episode from some television shows - the Pie has just a trickle of power comsumption compared to the Xbox.

Any advice?
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I don't think you can do it with less RAM than that.
I would go with 4GB option.
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