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Started by TMYSTIC, Jul 21, 2015, 01:10

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Folks, I'm just as big a fan as you are.  Maybe in a few years I'll play this record again and  perhaps whatever is lost on me now will be revealed to me.  But as for now, I'm ok with saying that I am not enjoying it.   I think it's ok to admit this.  I don't really see a lot of us raving about this record.  I'm ok with not getting this record for now.   It doesn't make me any less of a fan to say that this is a disappointment.  I'm trying.  I've done a few sober listens, I've done a few intoxicated listens.   I've done a few intoxicated headphone listens.  I'm just not getting it, and I feel as if I am the only one here who is brave enough to admit it.

edit:  Didn't mean to use the word " Brave".  That was silly.  But thanks for all the feedback.

And thanks to Cheamreact for trolling me really hard!  LOL>
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I don't think you're any less of a fan because this album doesn't grab you. I know plenty of fans who loved Exit Planet Dust and Dig Your Own Hole but loathe Surrender with every fibre of their being - it doesn't make them any less of a fan than the next person. Loving every noise the Brothers produce is not a prerequisite for being a fan, now that's just silly. ;)

I don't think you're assumption about being the only one 'brave' enough to admit it is accurate at this time though. There is a relatively small group of us here that post in our new forum regularly. But perhaps your post might encourage others to chime in and agree, or people stopping by to take the time to register and voice their opinions and engage in some discussion.
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You're not alone! Bloke/Maboul definitely expressed how he'd change the album on our Facebook group, he's just mostly been posting there instead of here for whatever reason.

I love it and I'm pretty perplexed by it too. Drunk or sober, try to listen to it without expectations - you talked about it transporting you and this thing is not cohesive or even sometimes traditionally gratifying in ways older albums did. This album definitely makes up its own rules, and I wasn't a huge fan initially until I started to figure out what those rules were.
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Wow thanks TMYSTIC for saying what I've been thinking all this time only I haven't been brave enough to come out and say it.....UNTIL NOW that is. Seeing other fans say it explicitly certainly gives me the confidence of saying it like it is. I HATE THE ALBUM.DISSPOINTMET from START TO FINISH. CAPITAL LETTERS. I really don't get it and I don't know what all the fuss and buzz is all about. There  is something perhaps I'm not getting. Like you, TMYSTIC I've tried to get into the album all sober and while under the influence and still the same result!!! DISAPPOINTMENT! It doesn't make me any less of a fan. I hope not and having you come out in the open like this on this fan forum has given me personal strength to say it like it is in life.



I do hope you weren't under the impression that around here differing opinions are frowned upon or are not encouraged. This is a place for everybody and thus for every opinion. Why shouldn't you be able to express how you feel, and furthermore, why would it make you less of a "fan" (whatever that entails)? If eveyone would think in unision, this would be a boring place.

I for one would be very interested to read a review from you just to see why and what you don't like about it.
And by the way, since the album is so fresh and different, people will take their time to come up and vocal their opinions about it.

Oh, and welcome to the forums!
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I didnt like it much on first hearing but that was more a state of mind issue.  I've battered it since and got to love some of it, not all though.  And am not sure how much some of it will still grab me in a few weeks.  But i do think they have kinda retread old ground and tried to do something different with an old sound/idea and i dont think they pulled it all off.

This album is dark and unsettling at times.  I was listening to the DYOH  commentary the other day and they were talking about some songs like Piku being made as a result of making an album and making tunes that fit with the other songs, i think they have done that again here with varying degrees of success.

Some of their albums have felt like they in one particular place or a journey of some kind and some felt just like a collection of songs.  I definitely feel like they tried to keep this in a cool dry place and that they have definitely made a massive effort to do something different and modern.

I dont think they have tried to lose listeners by producing a disjointed album but i defintiely think they thought of a mood/idea and stuck to it and explored it as much as poss. I think they should be appluaded for that but at the same time, it feels so different to most albums that its understandable that some arent feeling it.

Its cool to discuss stuff and opinions so dont worry about all that, its good to talk! Probably not good to talk as much i just have though!

I refrain from long reviews and definitive statements on album likability for very simple reason - I often change my mind
I remember how I detested Asleep from day, of all things, and used to skip it on surrender
one day it just clicked and  I felt really foolish
on first listen I didn't really like half of the new album, until it kinda grew on me
Sometimes it's the mood, sometimes it's really album quality
And yeah, it is ok not to like it... I still can't stand Burning Wheel, and I seriously doubt it'll ever change
On the other hand, no album of theirs is bad for my ears, just a few songs here and there
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

Why did you modify your post? You don't need to back off with your opinion!
"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."
— Aurora (The Seed)

I've heard through the grapevine that most of the album was written by Tom.

Guess Ed doesn't have the energy anymore. That's why The Chemical Brothers live is reduced to a one man show.

Born In The Echoes sounds like a Best Of compilation. An encore to the fans.

This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

I think thats what makes the forum great too. having other peoples thoughts about it with there experience and knowledge with the band. It can help you understand things a bit more.

Overall I think they've pushed their sound further with some songs on this album in good ways but maybe not every song blew me away like what has happened to me with past albums. Still left me wanting more though. Which Im yet to decide if this is intentional so you're left wanting for the next album but I remember when Dig Your Own Hole was the new kid on the block and that was so intense to listen to in one hit which you felt exhausted and satisfied afterwards. I remember in an earlier interview 1 or 2 albums after they thought DYOH was too much in one hit or something like that.
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I thought the album was ok, but I rarely listen to it anymore.
Push The Bottom still occupies last place with Born In The Echoes just above it.

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