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That MS10 sweep sound before the encore...

Started by Ben_j, Dec 09, 2019, 13:55

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I recently got a Korg MS20, and one of the first thing I tried was to recreate the sound the brothers have in their live show, that slow sweeping sound before the encore, that is made with the MS10 (which is basically a baby MS20).
Matt Cox's numerous pictures of the live setup were helpful to see just how it is made (although I already had an idea), but something didn't look right. One of the patch cables was binding together two outputs, which is useless. I asked Matt and got a simple answer: it has indeed no purpose in the patch, it's just a spare cable, in case something goes wrong.


For reference, it's that sound at 1h15:
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I have recreated this sweep sound years ago in a VST version of MS-20:

Hi Kevin!

I actually just picked up the Behringer K-2, their MS-20 clone. Such a great synth. I had the Korg reissue a couple of years ago, but ended up selling it. Love the Behringer desktop and having both filters, plus the knobs feel better. Get some raw sounds.

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