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The Prodigy (official thread)

Started by ThePumisher, Jul 23, 2015, 18:00

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Previously unreleased Prodigy track "AWOL (Strike One)" from their new E.P. 'The Night Is My Friend'

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no idea, no idea

Do we have an unofficial prodigy thread?

Great track.

previous live recordings are better. But I'm happy it's released. If I'm not mistaking it's a track from the AONO era

I am seeing them next month. If their show is mainly Day is my enemy/Invaders, I am going to go to a different headliner that evening. I don't even know what their live show has been like after AONO. Chances are, they won't even do Poison, which is the song I want to die to, I love it so much.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote from: androidgeoff on Aug 07, 2015, 23:00

I am seeing them next month. If their show is mainly Day is my enemy/Invaders, I am going to go to a different headliner that evening. I don't even know what their live show has been like after AONO. Chances are, they won't even do Poison, which is the song I want to die to, I love it so much.

I saw them in april and I will be going in november. To be honest, the show was more Invaders than day is my enemy. And the show has become to gimicky. But than again, the tunes are still killer and I haven's seen a band yet which explodes on stage and the crowd as hard as the Prodigy.
Nivember wil be the 20th time I see them

I saw them for the third time in April and was very disappointed by the show, just as I was by the album (a compilation of noisy tracks that were made for the only sake of making noise).  The rave spirit they used to have and which we still can feel in IMD is totally absent from TDIME and from the show, which does not include any track from The Prodigy Experience. It was only 75 minutes long (it wasn't even supposed to be a festival set, but it was as short as if it were !), with something like 18 or 19 radio edit version of selected hits and songs from the new album.
I won't even talk about the boring supporting act we had, as it's not their responsibility but it sure does not help being in the mood.
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Damn... hopefully Their Law will at least make an appearance. FFS it is Riot Fest, they better not phone it in.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can be sure they'll play "Their Law" for the encore.

It would be funny to hear that as an encore as we have curfew laws.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the EP version of AWOL is a joke... It's barely 3mn long and nowhere near as good as the live version they've been playing

Some tributes & podcasts i've been doing about the prodge on ma radioshow & on the Prodigy Fanboy [www.theprodigyfanboy.com]

Check em out if u fancy

Tribute shows:

The Day Is My Enemy Special Showcase: https://www.mixcloud.com/GLOWKiD/the-day-is-my-enemy-showcase-gl0wkids-generation-x-planet-rave-radio-07apr2015/


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So, I saw The Prodigy at Riot Fest on Sunday. I was really excited as I missed the previous 2 times they played in Chicago.

They need to change their name to EDMigy.

See, The Prodigy does not like any of their good music. They played Smack My Bitch Up and Breathe and seemed as if they were sick of playing those songs. They spent the rest of the concert playing songs from Invaders and Day Is My Enemy.

No Poison. Nothing from Experience (not even Out Of Space). A pretty boring rendition of Voodoo People.

It was like if the Chems made a dubstep/hardstyle/trap album and just played those in their live show, with Star Guitar and Galvanize thrown in.

The worst part? Everyone I have talked to is raving about the show. In my opinion, seeing an hour of Poison, Death of a Prodigy Dancer, Full Throttle, Fat of the Land material, etc. would absolutely outclass what I watched.

I was very disappointed in such a classic electronic act.

There was a point where Flint spoken-worded the phrase, "All Invaders Must Die! All Prodigy Impersonators Must Die!" and I thought to myself, "according to you, this 'Prodigy' has to go 6 feet under."

I mean, I get it. It is easier to cater to EDMinors and spend a month making an album's worth of material, in comparison to spending years crafting timeless songs. I understand, but I am left not giving a shit about Prodigy anymore.

I did enjoy Breathe, Smack My Bitch Up, and Their Law. Too bad that was like 10% of the show.

EDIT: I did enjoy Day Is My Enemy live. It works well in that setting. There was no AONO. Spitfire and Phoenix would be awesome, live. Funky Shit's arp at the beginning would go so well with Day Is My Enemy. What the fuck does Liam Howlett even do these days?
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i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

The problem recently it is their change towards something more like "we are rock stars, we do heavy shit" with pounding beats and even a more distorted sound than before, which it's great at some point but c'mon, the overuse it is tiring by now and even if that it's their trademark this days, they should chill a little and get back to more even more melodic stuff they used to do.

Even a combination of what they did in the past should be great, with their rave tunes, fast techno, big beat, and if they want, some rock (but not everything). That should be a interesting phase for prodigy this days. Let's hope that Liam Howlett doesn't lurk more to a stranger dark path, that guy it's genius he can do even more than that.

I'm sorry to hear that they're just mostly playing IMD and TDIME tracks. :(

That's something that I liked about The Chemical Brothers, they play as many songs from all of their albums as they can.

First time I saw The Prodigy live was in the AONO era, and fortunately they just played Spitfire (I don't like AONO) and then the rest were tracks from their previous albums.
The second time was in the IMD era, and they played IMD and Take me to the Hospital, which I like, but I noticed that things were starting to get gimiky.

TDIME is a copy of their first three albums, but not as good as them.

From one of their recent shows...

Shoot Down Intro
Wild Frontier
The Day Is My Enemy
Beyond the Deathray
Voodoo People
Get Your Fight On
Run With the Wolves
Everybody In The Place
Invaders Must Die
Smack My Bitch Up
Ibiza w/ Sleaford Mods
Gun Reprise
Their Law
No Good (Start The Dance)
Take Me To The Hospital
Out of Space

Their sets have been pretty strong lately, many positive reviews from fans.
Of course the set is centered around The Day Is My Enemy, their latest album.
Liam's about going out and playing the new tracks, almost all the tracks have been reworked/re-edited in some way.
I know they've also switched up and played Weather Experience, Diesel Power, Medicine, Wall Of Death, Night Is My Friend (reworking of TDIME ft. Dope D.O.D. remix) and a new version of unreleased track Benny Blanco within the current setlist.
The Day Is My Enemy is the best thing they have done since The Fat Of The Land.
He doesn't play much from AONO because it's their weakest album and the songs sadly just don't work live.
There's a video from Athens 2004 from when they toured for AONO after it came out and many of the new songs fell flat and were either reworked or dropped completely.
He does play the opening of Shoot Down as an intro and unreleased AONO track/interlude Gun Reprise.
Benny Blanco has been a demo/jam that's been played since the Jilted era, Liam dropped a new version a couple of times recently.
Without Leeroy dancing, now they play songs more focused around Keith and Maxim and for the live band to back up.
This recent tour with Public Enemy, many longtime fans who saw them play said these shows were one of their best shows ever.
I saw them for Their Law tour and Invaders Must Die tour, both NYC, and they absolutely smashed it live with the entire crowd going nuts.
They're suppose to be playing in Mexico in April 2016, so let's hope we get some real solo shows here in the States and not just some festival dates at a crap fest like RiotFest.
Hate seeing my favorite band at a festival, always the worst experiences... prefer solo shows.

Oh, and we're getting a new 4 track EP next year.

I was thrilled to hear Gun reprise (little goblin) and Benny Blanco. Jealous not to hear No Good with that one resurfacing in the sets. The energy of a Prodigy gig is still inmense but seeing them for the first time in 1994 for me they are not as impressive as 10 years ago. Still going to their shows an buying their music.

I feel a bit angry that they added Weather Experience/Everybody in the Place/No Good to their sets AFTER I saw them again in Brussels in November, where there was no track from Experience. I mean, they proved they can make some efforts to make their shows better, so why don't they ALWAYS do so ?

Keith Flint, Fox Hunting & Anonymous

Who's hunting whom?

(the Metro did a slightly more 'sensational' version of the story HERE.)
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That whole fox hunting story is such bullcrap. just some crap overexaggerated by Daily News. Keith  came out and said he didn't kill any animals or go on any hunt. I can't believe Anonymous is really following the Daily News. Keith owns a bar out in the country. Apparently some of the folks that come in are involved with fox hunting. Now they're trying to tie Keith into it. So he had to come out and respond due to the story getting blown up. But he didn't do anything, so there's really no story. Just another one of those sensational stories from a tabloid rag.

This is news!?! If a guy wants to go on a fox hunt, why not?
Never for money, always for love.

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