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Started by chemicalfan, Jul 27, 2015, 12:01

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Another album, another forum registration  ;)

I'd stayed away from any pre-release leaks etc, or at least I thought I did. Obviously there were the 2 singles, but it turns out that I'd heard EML Ritual & Reflexion somewhere before, maybe a TV programme/advert used them? Anyway, they seemed slightly familiar, I didn't have more opinion than that. I even avoided the Glasto coverage for fear of spoilers (it's still on the Tivo box!). Was glad I could listen to it in peace, as a whole, just like I have with the previous albums, I think it's the best way. I have revisited a couple of the tracks that didn't hit the mark, tweaked my opinion slightly, but here it is. If you don't agree, I don't care, it's my opinion and this is the internet  :P

Sometimes I Feel So Deserted - Heard this track before, love the analogue sounds, and that bass!! Can't fault it, great opener :)
Go - Heard this before too, love the groove and flow, and even the chorus synth melody (found it cheesy before). It's fully grown on me now :)
Under Neon Lights - This track is a bit weird, mainly due to the weird vocals effect (similar to Orbital – Otono, but a bit messier). It's a shame as the vocals lead the track, but I expect this track will probably grow on me.
EML Ritual - Techno! Clearly club/Tom's solo project influenced. Ali Love was on this somewhere? Missed that! Nice solid Chems club stuff anyway :)
I'll See You There - This is a top track, it's 60s psychedelia done 2015-Chems style. And it's as good as that sounds it should be. Probably the highlight for me.
Just Bang - Saw some hate about this track before, but I think the track is ok. It's very minimal for a Chems track, very busy on the percussive elements, but this doesn't save it completely. It's not the greatest, even the older Chems tracks that lack melody have a special something, but this one lacks it.
Reflexion - This is the album centrepiece, slightly reminiscent of a Burst Generator vibe, it's very cosy like a warm blanket. It's kinda ends abruptly, but that can be forgiven considering the greatness before it :)
Taste The Honey - This has a great intro, and it's the only chillout track on the album. It has slow vibe like Plump DJs – He Got Beef, or Infected Mushroom – In Front Of Me. The vocals are so-so, not a big fan but they don't wreck it. The breakdowns are quite experimental, there's a lot to love or hate there (I'm undecided as yet!)
Born In The Echoes - It has a nice groove but not much else. The vocals are a bit naff, they don't help it at all. This track is a let down :(
Radiate - It has a promising start, with some nice pads, but jarring transitions later in the track wreck this :(
Wide Open - Greatness, it starts like a bog-standard house track, then goes chemical. It's really nice, the vocals work with the track perfectly. It's not the best closer, but still very good.

Bonus tracks
Let Us Build A City - Haven't heard this kind of funk since Power Move! Impossible to keep still! It's a cracking tune :)
Wo Ha - It's another minimal one like Just Bang, but more forgettable. It will probably grow to become a bit more noticeable over time, but it's pretty B-side.
Go (Extended mix) - The original was nice, so they couldn't go wrong - love the experimental remix extension though :)
Reflexion (Extended mix) - Again, the original was nice, so why wouldn't extended be any better?! Shame they didn't extend that outro so it didn't cut off, but it's still a great 2nd closer :)

Hi chemicalfan!! Thanks for stopping by, and for your review!  ;D
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Hi Chemicalfan!

Nice to see ya around again! Glad you could get at least some enjoyment out of BITE.
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Quote from: chemicalfan on Jul 27, 2015, 12:01
turns out that I'd heard EML Ritual & Reflexion somewhere before, maybe a TV programme/advert used them?
There were quite a lot of dj set videos from Reflexion, going back as far as 2013 or 2012 I think ? And a video from EML Ritual, also from a DJ set. Maybe you heard them there

Diggin really tracks like 'EMF Ritual'  - 'Direct Buki'  - 'Just Bang'  .
The Bros worked it out again pretty well and achieved returning on  no.1 in UKs Album Charts :)

Heres my review for the allbum as written on my personal webplace!

Ok, so I've had a week with this album now, listening to nothing else on the commute, probably heard it a dozen times now, so here's a revised review!

Sometimes I Feel So Deserted - It's just bloody awesome, a proper EBW in my mind, must be awesome live or in a club!
Go - It's a little bit "fatiguing". Let me clarify - I think it's probably the best commercial single they've released behind HBHG, at least on a par with Galvanise. It's not that I'm bored of it, I'm still glad to hear it, but it lacks the depth of some of the other tracks.
Under Neon Lights - The vocals aren't annoying, and the track has a nice Further-style vibe in melody. I like it quite a lot now, it's quite clubby, but quite light too.
EML Ritual - Don't know how I missed Ali Love, I must have assumed it was a sample! Anyway, I can't fault this track in any way, apart from it drops the tension a bit at points, but they get it back and it's a banger :)
I'll See You There - This track has faded slightly in my estimations. It's still good, but doesn't blow me away like the first time I heard it (that WAS a surprise!). It's a nice departure from the club tracks before and after it, kinda like going out for a smoke during a set and walking through the other room playing the weird esoteric stuff :)
Just Bang - Ah, Just Bang. It's grown a bit, needs a slightly different mindset to get it. It's all about the groove, the calm before the storm, but it's like the storm is brewing. There's more than meets the eye with this track, it's really percussive (like it was solely written on a drum machine)
Reflexion - This track is LOUD. I mean, it's almost a caricature of the "loudness wars", it builds but it's so loud! My initial thoughts on the track still hold, it's a great "Burst Generator" style track, but I also love the melody parts, they are top drawer :)
Taste The Honey - I still find this track pretty experimental and challenging, but also find it too they ran out of ideas, which is a shame. The vocals are naff, but it wouldn't work as an instrumental. I really like the wonky bass, it's a real slice of deep funk, lovely groove :)
Born In The Echoes - This thing kicks it back in, awesome groove. The vocals are still iffy, bit too experimental/folky for me, but they're unobtrusive. The rest of the track is really great chemical stuff (what's with the handclaps though!?)
Radiate - Really sorry, but I can't get on with this track. It's not just the way with bassy riff storms in, then the piercing line later, but it's the melody. It's just....not great. It's uninspiring, simplistic, I don't dig it. The "piercing solo" that comes in later is almost worse, it's all over the place, like a random tone generator. I don't really like the vocals either, they're not awful, just a bit....weak.  I can see this being a "skipper" as time goes on, which is a real shame as the Chems don't have many of those.
Wide Open - To address my "generic house track" comment, I meant that this track would be at home on Pete Tong's show. But I love it, it's one of my fave tracks on the album. It's been stuck in my head more than the others over the week. I don't think it helps Radiate's chances, I'm eager to get this one on!

Bonus tracks
Let Us Build A City - This track's groove is solid, then with a load of nice experimentation over the top. It's a real nice track, I love it.
Wo Ha - It's not quite as minimal as I first thought once it gets started, there's some nice bleeps & squeaks in here. It does feel a bit underdeveloped, but I guess that's ok for a bonus track :)
Go (Extended mix) & Reflexion (Extended mix) - Can't say too much about these, they're pretty much the same as above.

This album was a real nice slice of Chemical beats, it's a return to form. It's more "club-oriented" and less "indie bandified" than.....actually, I'm talking crap. I can't really describe it, but that's a Chems album for you. In terms of whether this is the best album they've produced, I'd have to say no, but then again, I'd answer that for each of the previous offerings too. It has highs and lows, like any of the albums. I'd say that the lows are lower than on some albums, and the highs are higher than on some albums. I'd say it's a score draw, it's a great-not-incredible album. But it's fresh, it's the Chems taking another step in a different direction, and I applaud them for that. Forget the comparisons, just shut up and listen, it's a really special piece of music.
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