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Selena Gomez - Big Chems fan?

Started by gavin35, Apr 11, 2020, 09:37

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Not sure if this warranted its own thread or not...
My wife was listening to her usual rubbish this morning when this song came on. Complete rip off of Got Glint

Can definetly hear the similarity with the bass but not close to be a ripoff
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Like Connor said, you can't say that's a ripoff. If so then any track playing 5 consecutives notes would be a rip off of Got Glint

And then, Got Glint itself is mainly a bunch of samples of Earth Message by Bernard Fever, sooo...

Well, well, well. I think Gavin does have a point here. While it is not a straight rip-off, it does seem  to borrow the basic elements/vibe from Got Glint. It's like one of these "prevent-plagiarism-claims" songs.  You may have come across some of those in commercials where they latch onto some popular song to gain attention by coping the main vibe/ key elements that are easily recognizable but make them different enough to avoid having to pay royals or getting into lawsuits.

For instance, Sigur Rós had to deal with that quite a few times:


I know there used to be a Chems related one on YT too (was it Surface to Air?), but it eludes me right now.
And the difference to Ben_j's example should be clear ;). T&E sampled the parts and gave credit to the original artists. And those were Bernard Fèvre and Jacky Giordano :P
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Quote from: Ben_j on Apr 11, 2020, 19:41
Earth Message by Bernard Fever
:o I'd never heard that before.
I was being facetious saying it was a rip off, whoever produced it though definitely used Got Glint as "inspiration" though

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