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Wo Ha

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There's something to it. I really like it and I love the bassline. And it's another song with one of those huge clap sounds the brothers tend to drop on the new album.

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And the darkness that you fear will disappear

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Wo Ha is the continuation of the Bros.' foray into peak control. More than likely, it is just the toms + white noise under massive limiting, coupled with the kick + snare under a different compressor.


Wo ha

Good song.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I dig this track.
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It reminds me of Loops of Fury a bit, that crowd-like wissshhaaaa on the end of every beat.

I liked it the first time but it hasn't ripened with more listens. Sounds incomplete.
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Sounds incomplete.
I agree. I like the acid synth line toward the end of the song. I don't get why it comes in so late though.


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